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Episode: EPISODE 247 - HGL -The Godfather of Gore 
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Our unofficial three episode arc of editorials dedicated to the underspoken contributors to our favorite genre comes to a close this week as we celebrate the father of the splatter film Herschell Gordon Lewis.

A true one of a kind showman, he carved a film career out of delivering what audiences wanted - whether it was cheap nudie pictures or cheap gore pictures. Artistry and technique may not be what his filmography is best remembered for but there is no denying the influence of his work. Blood Feast tore open the envelope of how far in excess horror movies could be taken and subsequent films such as 2000 Maniacs, Color Me Blood Red and The Wizard of Gore erased the boundaries of status quo. It was a fun and somewhat irreverent look at the man who must be partially credited for leading the way for films such as Night of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so please join us in our quick tour through the archives of the godfather of gore - barfbags available at the door.

Things get a little mystical in schlock corner this week as Ted provides a live tarot reading for Anthony via zombie tarot (thanks to Quirk Books). We continue the nonsense with a look at Daughters of Darkness (1971), a pair of Batman origin stories in Year One (the new animated movie) and The Long Halloween (the old graphic novel), and end up talking superheroes for a while. Things round out with some listener calls to the feedback line discussing The Walking Dead, Martyrs, Battleship, Headhunters and more.

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