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Episode: EPISODE 242 - The Walking Dead (season 2) 
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Welcome to a very impromptu second annual Walking Dead season recap. Ted and Doug convened to have a discussion on the events that transpired this season and chose to set up the mic in the process, so what follows is a very loose one take episode. Rather than recap the show episode by episode we bounce around the total story arc landing on particularly memorable moments, character decisions and actions, address the criticisms lobbied at the show, and even do a bit of prognosticating for season 3.

Spoiler warning: listeners should be prepared for full and random plot spoilers throughout the show as we approached the recording as just a casual chat between fans of The Walking Dead. Was Herschel in the military? Just how evil was Shane? How dark will Carl go? Where is Merle? Is it possible to loathe Lori more than we do right now? All this and much, much more as we step once again into the world of the zombie apocolypse.

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