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Episode: EPISODE 239 - Cursed Films 
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A curse be upon you.

This week we take a look at the legends behind supposedly cursed films through history. Where does one draw the line between a series of unfortunate incidents and the intervention of an otherworldly force to derail or punish a production? Ultimately that's for you to decide but we lay out the facts for each case that gave rise to the mythology. Particular films covered include Poltergeist, The Omen, The Crow, The Exorcist, Superman, The Twilight Zone, The Conqueror, Rosemary's Baby, Atuk and many more. It was a fun discussion trying to separate bad luck from paranormal divination where we go off the script several times and Anthony digs deep into his bag of impressions.

The classic format returns as we enjoy an interactive schlock corner guessing the ABC's of Horror, and get casual chatting about a variety of subjects including a return to Hunger Games, The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock, the impressive list of foreign horror film recommendations received, and open a care package that arrived from a listener. The 2000AD contest concludes and we announce the winners - thanks to all who participated. Oh, and we're now available on Stitcher.

So keep looking over your shoulder as it seems you never know when the forces of the universe may come for you, and please donĂ¢??t direct your curses our way, we'll promise the same in return.

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