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Episode: EPISODE 48 - Shocksploitation 
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CRUEL: mean, nasty, brutal, malicious, spiteful, vindictive, merciless, vicious, heartless, ruthless, callous, vile, loathsome, depraved...Evil!

This week we dive into the depths of human horror by examining the phenomona of 70's Shocksploitation. The decade that witnessed an outburst of human misery with blood and gore taking front and centre stage daring audiences to persevere through. The cause and subsequent effect of shocksploitation are discussed along with a selection of titles which are recognized as the representatives of the era. A few lesser known films are thrown in to demonstrate just how vile filmmaking could get. Considering the outrage critics and mainstream audiences had at what Hostel threw at us a few years ago, it should be remembered what excesses were being put to film almost three decades prior. You may want to take a long shower after the show to wash away the filth but trust us, it won't come off.

Later, things are reeled back in with a nice friendly chat featuring some audio feedback and a follow up to some thoughts tossed out previously about the horror podcasting community.

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