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Episode: EPISODE 45 - The Phantom of the Opera 
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The Phantom of the Opera! A 97 year old story which has been presented on stage and on film in a variety of permutations. It also happens to be a fascinating tale of the power of music, the suffering of a mad genius (both psychologically and physically), as well as a love story for the ages. Horroretc presents a retrospective of Phantom covering several of the most important film adaptations as well as the hugely successful Andrew Lloyd Weber stage play. A strength of the topic is the opportunity to revisit so many distinct eras of Hollywood and the influences of the times on final product. We are unabashed fans of the material and hope to inspire you to check out some of the versions available that may have gone unseen thus far.

The theme of the show continues in schlock corner with a return to Night Gallery and Leslie Neilson's take on the character (watch along here). Finally, Horroretc Theatre is again proud to present another Anthony Mann original radio play of Phantom of the Opera to close out the show.

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