Hey We're Back! Podcast: Episodes

Hollywood is known for taking care of their own but they have really gone the extra mile this time.
This episode is called Frugal and Friendship. The first half deals with a really cheap way to make a voice over demo and the second half is road stories with a comic named Mark Schiff. Maybe I should call it &#8230; <a href="http://jonathankatz.com/podcast/episode-41-frugal-and-friendship/">Continue ...
In this episode I turn the tables on some guy in tech support, I ask BJ Novak and Todd Barry about geography, we hear comedian Ken Reid, the band Parks, and a lot of really stupid stuff with the audience &#8230; <a href="http://jonathankatz.com/podcast/epsiode-40-friends-and-strangers/">Continue reading ...
A clip of musical guests Willa Mamet and Paul Miller performing their song Louisiana off their album East Hill Road. http://willamamet.bandcamp.com/album/east-hill-road Also. Here&#8217;s a teaser for the upcoming show&#8230; Your browser does not support the element.
Special Guest Comedian Jenny Zigrino and Singer/Songwriter Frank Morgan. Frank Morgan, &#8220;Solid Ground&#8221;
I explore how some people use technology to keep other people at a distance. I take a look at the upside and downside of being placed on hold and I also return to my on-again off-again “affair” with phone sex.
In this episode I am talking to my good friend, comedian Paula Poundstone, and even though I am on the wrong side of this &#8220;argument&#8221; I can&#8217;t seem to stop myself.
I&#8217;ve been apologizing for my music for the last twenty years and I&#8217;m not planning to stop anytime soon.
Tweeting aloud.
In this episode I try to live up to three different ways I have challenged myself. One of them includes a massage from comedian David Feldman, a truly gentle man.
In this episode comedian, producer, and writer David Feldman takes a break from comedy. We also get to see a side of David, the loving son, that might surprise you.
In Episode 34 two women let me down gently and one woman not so gently.
In this episode I pose the question, &#8220;What would you do if you got a collect call from the Pope?&#8221; I ask whether it&#8217;s possible for a man to be too compassionate, and I talk to a woman who is &#8230; <a href="http://jonathankatz.com/podcast/the-human-spirit-episode-33/">Continue reading ...
In episode 32 I reveal the limitations of the web and look into refinancing our home.
in episode 31 I make a live appearance courtesy of Eugene Mirman at the Paradise in Boston, I find myself, Jonathan Katz, in therapy with Dr. Katz and the episode features a special guest, Susie Essman who knows more about &#8230; <a href="http://jonathankatz.com/podcast/talking-out-of-both-sides-of-my-couch-episode-31/">Continue ...
In this episode I am trying to discover why my band, Katz and Jammers, never got the recognition it deserved. I also share a short clip from a romantic comedy I made (one of several) with the actress Jennifer Aniston.
The long anticipated 29th episode of &#8220;Hey We&#8217;re Back!&#8221; A talk about problems I don&#8217;t really have, and how they&#8217;re not really solved.
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