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<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/8a/80/6e/lifeenthusiast/1400x1400_1108612.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br /><p>Become both more grounded and more open at the same time. Support your energetic connection with above and below, through the mineral based information source.</p>
<p>The intent of Heaven and Earth is to reconnect all levels of the human frame to each other in a way that will facilitate communication from level to level, nurturing, balancing and stabilizing further development.</p>
<p>Above means a higher harmonic or dimension of information that holds the preexisting patterns for replication, for life for optimal form.</p>
<p>Everything in nature has a higher dimensional aspect. Few are aware of it as a perception or conscious part of life. But in recent times the higher aspects of reality have moved from the realm of religion into a new kind of scientific dialogue in which quantum physics, the Field, morphogenic fields, higher consciousness, and related terms are used.</p>
<p>The names may be new but the origins of these ideas are deep in prehistory. There is an invisible thread that binds us to the source of all. Our health, well-being and effectiveness of functioning depend on our relationship with this field.</p>
<p>Smart Mineral products are produced by imparting a series of codes into the fluid that are like a machine language of nature. After the codes are programmed in, a proprietary process is used for creating a deep imprint into the ormus minerals within the solution.</p>
<p>Our process includes having a medical intuitive check the products for accuracy. Without telling her anything about what she was testing, with several other products and controls in the mix she confirmed exactly what the coded intent was! Her observations confirmed that the coding was effective, and that Heaven &amp; Earth was more effective than we had hoped for.</p>
<p>For more: <a href="http://life-enthusiast.com/usa/heaven-earth-p-1192.html">http://life-enthusiast.com/usa/heaven-earth-p-1192.html</a></p>
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