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<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/8a/80/6e/lifeenthusiast/1400x1400_1108612.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br /> If you've had a long standing problem (more than one year) then it will take some time to clear because the spores of Candida spread from your digestive system into all tissues of your body. Intestinal cleansing alone will not cleanse your lymph and tissues.

The only way to completely clear Candida problems is to get the Candida into circulation in your body, where it can then be eliminated. But this takes time. The key point to remember is that you must provide your body with enough friendly microbes, over time, in order to outnumber the problem causing ones and repopulate their territory.

Ultimately, without getting the dormant candida spores that are resting in your muscle and brain tissue, you will never clear the candida. This concept is greatly misunderstood by many. In fact most people will not go through the die-off stage because it can be very severe. However this detox is necessary to clear out your system. If you want a healthy and clean ecology, there will be disruption in order to strike the balance.

The rate of detox and die off are directly related to product input and consequently the activation of the dormant spores within tissues. The rate of detox and elimination are directly proportionate to the amount you put in.

Die-off and detoxifying can be tempered by the rate at which you ingest Genki Foods. Compliance to the program is essential to reach the goal.

<a href="http://life-enthusiast.com/usa/genki-foods-m-99.html?pID=4120">Candida Cleanse</a>

Natural Mineral Detoxifier

Zeolite Pure is the all natural mineral Zeolite that has been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, as well as boost your immune system. This mineral will balance your body's pH, creating an environment that foreign cells can not grow in.

For those not wanting to take capsules, this is pure powdered Zeolite in an economical container.

Zeolite is a natural mineral that has a cage like structure and is negatively charged by nature. The negative charge acts like a magnet to attract toxins and heavy metals into its cage structure and carry them out of the body. It also balances the pH in the body which doesn't allow foreign cells to grow.

<b>Purification, Detoxification, and Purging with Zeolite Pure</b>

Unbalanced diets, pollution and food additives can all cause toxins and heavy metals to build up and damage your body. This often leads to acidosis and clogging of cell membranes. In other words, our cells slowly suffocate.

Buildup of heavy metals (especially cadmium, mercury and lead) are the cause of many serious medical conditions.

The particles of Zeolite Pure are so fine that they can actually pass in between your body's cells. Due to its extraordinary adsorption and selection capabilities, Zeolite Pure binds with toxins and, most importantly, harmful heavy metals, allowing these substances to be easily eliminated from your body.

Zeolite Pure is often used to eliminate heavy metals like lead and cadmium and to remove buildup of mercury (used in dental amalgam fillings).

Due to Zeolite Pure's alkaline properties (buffer action) it is also possible to properly regulate your body's pH balance. But Zeolite Pure can do a lot more! It is also a highly effective antioxidant, which means it neutralizes free radicals.

<a href="http://life-enthusiast.com/usa/zeolite-pure-p-517.html">ZEO Health
Zeolite Pure</a>

Each week Martin Pytela begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Scott Paton discuss Holistic principles for healthy living.

Life Enthusiast Co-op is built on over 25 years in study, health consultations and market research in the field of holistic and alternative medicine. We deliver solid time tested expertise. We are in this business not for the money, but for the passion, we have for sharing with others what we had to learn the hard way, through experience.

We focus on high quality, innovative holistic solutions.

Length: 25:27

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