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<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/8a/80/6e/lifeenthusiast/1400x1400_1108612.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Acid-Base or pH balance of your fluids is still the bottom line in all the following determinations. It is not known why yet, in physiological terms, but some people just don't do well on alkalinizing diets. Metabolic typing provides a good answer to this question and many others.

<a> More Inflammation Information</a> Here.

Sooner or later each one of us will experience some type inflammation. Medical diagnosis of your problem will have an "itis" at the end. The four signs of inflammation - redness (Latin rubor), heat (calor), swelling (tumor), and pain (dolor) - were described in the 1st century AD by the Roman medical writer Aulus Cornelius Celsus.

Typical encounters with inflammation will include otitis, or ear infection, pharyngitis, or sore throat, and common aches and pains of latter years such as arthritis and myositis (muscle aches), and finally in old age we deal with neuritis (brain inflammation or Alzheimer's) or carditis (heart disease).

Inflammation cuts across traditional orthodox medicine boundaries and specialties. Inflammation is characterized by pain, fatigue and aging, and is recognized by tissue swelling, redness, heat and pain. These symptoms are very obvious with an injury or an infection such as a sore throat. But our concern is not only our acute response to injury or infection, it is the chronic smoldering inflammation that slowly destroys our organs and our ability to function. Low level inflammation leads to rapid aging.

Common orthodox treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), or steroids like prednisone, can suppress acute symptoms, at the price of interference with the body's own immune response. This interference has serious and deadly side effects that come into play later. As a point of interest, national statistics show that same number of people die from taking anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e. ibuprofen) as people who die from asthma or leukemia.

Learn more about what you can do to <a href="http://www.life-enthusiast.com/index/Education/Cellular_Terrain/Inflammation">fight inflammation</a>.

Each week Martin Pytela and Scott Paton discuss Holistic principles for healthy living.

Life Enthusiast Co-op is built on over 25 years in study, health consultations and market research in the field of holistic and alternative medicine. We deliver solid time tested expertise. We are in this business not for the money, but for the passion, we have for sharing with others what we had to learn the hard way, through experience.

We focus on high quality, innovative holistic solutions.

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