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We have reduced the Principles of Wellness to this:
Cleanse – stop ingesting toxins, and get rid of the ones you already have.
Nourish – make sure your body receives all necessary nutrients.
Exercise – stretch and strengthen under load – we are meant to be active.
Balance – sleep is required, and so is spiritual practice.

Each week we discuss how you can improve your health and vitality. Join us.

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 |  25 - 33 min. |   May 24, 2015 at 08:24 PM294 Episode(s)
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- Aug. 08, 2010
I'm just going to copy-paste my iTunes review: Every one of the 5 episodes I listened to contained immense factual mistakes leading to demonstrably false conclusions. Absurd concepts were brought up as facts even though they are horribly wrong, such as: sub-atomic crystals, osmosis as having something to do with pH balance, depression being caused by pH imbalance, water molecules somehow being less hydrating sometimes and so so many others. Apart from these horrifying premises, logical fallacies were everywhere, such as correlation = causation, "same famous people said so", anecdotes as proof and others. The host questions nothing, the guests have little to no knwoledge of biology, medicine, how experiments work, chemistry or statistics. How they are qualified to teach people about health, I do not understand. At best, they are ignorant well-meant people and at worst, charlatans trying to sell their oil snake. [I also looked at their list of more recent episodes, the show definitely does not start getting better with time][An explanation as to why most claims make no sense, catch an episode of Skeptoid or QuackCast]
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