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Episode: Void of Moon-Emotional Journey Through Marital Seperation 
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Void of Moon with author Denise Falcone

Women in the process of marital seperation need help. Void of Moon, The Emotional Journey Through Marital Seperation is based on the author’s personal journey and the expression of many women through this strange and unfamiliar time.

During our interview Denise and I talk about the emotions women go through even before they decide to file for divorce. I do want to stress here that Denise’s book can be used by anyone to better their relationship as well, while some people already know that divorce will happen I can see how Denise’s book would help out any relationship as you go through many different struggles and emotions along the way.

Denise also talks a little about using her book for such relationships as bosses, friends and co-workers as well since no matter what type of relationship you are having trouble with you go through the same emotions when you are trying to seperate yourself from a bad situation.

I loved how Denise started out her book with how she lost it one day and started throwing dishes out her window, while we both don’t recommend letting your frustrations get this far it does help you to understand that Denise has indeed gone through the same emotions and frustrations we all feel during a tough time. I love it when I know that the people I am interviewing or reading their books or blog posts know exactly what I am going through because they have experienced it themselves, it is easier for me to relate to the knowledge that they know and for me to learn from them as well. I commend Denise for sharing her own feelings, frustrations and thoughts on what worked or didn’t work for her.
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