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It's an American Daily Review Week In Review Sunday as Doug Gibbs of Political Pistaschio Radio Revolution joins JASmius for the last ADR of 2010 and the live show Christmas rightfully displaced. Tune in as the two BTR titans look ahead to 2011, try to avoid making any New Year's resolutions, and JASmius ...
The birth, rise, and fall of OmniHogzilla - all in the space of seventy-two hours. Wow, maybe elections CAN still make a difference after all.
If elections serve the purpose of "sending a message," Democrats are going the extra mile to take their collective phone off the hook.
Do not make the mistake of thinking that the Democrats "don't get" what happened to them on November 2nd. They get it, all right. They simply do not care. And they're determined to force the rest of their Marxist agenda down our throats, no matter how they have to do it.
The Ghailani debacle, what it means, and how you cannot convince me that this wasn't PRECISELY the Obama regime's War on Terror endgame - or at least its penultimate step.
The slow American economic decline into sudden catastrophe - how we may already be past the "tipping point" beyond the possibility of any political change-back to save us from a Grecian fate.
There is a storm on the horizon; a time of hardship and pain. The Battle of 2010 has been won, but the war against the Obamunists rages on. Barack Obama remains in the White House. But we must not stop until his presidency, party, and everything they stand for has been destroyed.
Barack Obama has created a whole new political world - and he'll have the toughest time of all living in it.
In the conclusion of our two-hour Election Eve blockbuster, we look forward to the avalanche that is about to erupt, and lust greedily after how monstrous it may become.
The Democrats hate our guts because they know we know their "god" has failed, and because of that we're going to take away the power on which they are blind, stinking drunk - and also just because. Plus an RCP innoculation against uberLeft polling pschyops.
A little levity at Red Barry's expense as we come into the final campaign fortnight - but ONLY a little.
Doomsday clocks, frozen futures, a failed state - a look ahead at worst-case scenario Obamerika. Because Halloween just couldn't wait.
Why is Barack Obama's party going up in mushroom clouds all over the country in four weeks? He envisioned himself as the twenty-first century FDR; but he was on president off. And I don't mean Harry Truman.
Was even Jimmy Carter "Jimmy Carter" in 1978? Leave it to Barack Obama to overachieve in the only area in which he has any talent: failure.
The damage in Delaware is done. The question now is, can it be contained, or will the ritualistic hatcheting of Mike Castle by the Tea Party in the name of ideological purity trigger a mass RINO exodus that will relegate the GOP to inescapable minority party status forever?
Have we hit bottom in the War Against Islamic Fundamentalism? We don't even know if there IS a bottom - but finding out is going to be ruinously expensive. Plus Godbama comes to grips with the reality than even "some kind of a god" can bite off more than he can chew.
Flations, hyperin and hyperde - the conclusion. Plus, leftwingnut counterculturalism from Hanoi Jane to "Imam" Obama, and what comes after the November tsunami.
The ObamaDebt makes an American hyperinflation event inevitable - or does it? And what would it look like if it does come? Will America itself survive as we have known it?
The narrative of hate is the last refuge of the defeated liberal as their rump majority is swallowed up by the honor of a great people. Also, Barry loves shrimp, and so do the sharks swimming around what's left of his presidency.
"You can win a battle but if you don't defeat the enemy's spirit he will be back. You have to do more than win a battle; you have to crush his will to fight....We need to crush their spirits and break their hearts into a million jagged pieces. And we need to do such a fine job of it they never heal up. Never."
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