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Hannah Montana is getting sued!!
to read more info goto:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/08/24/AR2007082400477.html?nav=rss_artsandliving/entertainmentnews
its a sad day today
HMP AWARDS ARE FINALLY HERE!!Some suprising news on this episode??A new podcast perhaps.Since the HMP AWARDS are over.We decided to have a contest.

Give us your best shout-out to the podcast or your favorite host or 30 second clip of you singing a Hannnah or Miley Song.
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The website is finally up! Now you can vote for the Hannah M Podcast Awards..The link is: hannahmpodcast.tripod.com.Remember or AIM: Hannahmpodcast.Our email is hannahmpodcast@yahoo.com.
On today's podcast we talk about the new episode Achy Jakey Heart, read some comments, and give a suprise that will blow your my mind!!!!!
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Welcome to the third episode of the Hannah Montana Podcast! We have some new news! LOL! We have a myspace now and its www.myspace.com/hannahmontanakids.You can call us at 206-350-2474.AIM us at hannahmpodcast.Or email us at hannahmpodcast@yahoo.com! Enjoy!
It's second episode of the Hannah Montana Podcast! We have a special guest Shantelle!! We talk about the second Disney Channel Games! And a suprise that will shock you!
This is our first episode! It has already been posted, but since we are starting again we decided to re-post it! SO here it is again.

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