Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing: Episodes

It's tricky to pick apart the grammar of a sentence such as "Just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re not annoying." Guest writer Neal Whitman explains why such sentences work and what they really mean.
Editors from the Associated Press just announced that the AP Stylebook is changing its stance on using "over" to mean "more than." Plenty of people are shocked. Find out why they shouldn't be.
Some words have strong forms, weak forms, and even weaker forms.
Gretchen McCulloch from the All Things Linguistic explains why Canadians don't say "aboot" and why most Americans think they do.
Language is changing but that doesn't mean you have to go with the flow.
Why it’s hard to talk about substituting one thing for another without confusing people.

Guest Writer: Neal Whitman
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Today, we’re going to talk about two cases in which English has two words that mean the same thing and whether one choice is better than the other. Preventative and preventive, and orient and orientate.

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The Hoax Behind Little Bunny Foo Foo
Great tales of English word evolution: From pantaloons to pants, caravan to van, and much more.

Guest Writer: Bonnie Trenga

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When you read about a character, in some ways your brain acts as though it thinks you ARE the character. It's amazing. Grammar Girl and the Savvy Psychologist explain how.

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How Literature Changes Your Brain for the Better. If you liked this podcast, check out our new show, The Savvy Psychologist.
Units Of Measure: Feet, Ft., Lb., Degrees, and Percents
Why can we say "the Jefferson Airplane" but not "the Led Zeppelin"?
A new study uncovered things that successful novels have in common.
How to mix quotation marks with other punctuation.
Did Kanye West Coin the Term "Hashtag Rap"?
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