Episode: Going Linux #176 Computer America #51 
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00:00 Going Linux #176 Computer America #51
00:15 Introduction
00:47 Topic: Can a light-weight netbook run a 64-bit operating system? Windows 7 Starter vs. 64-bit Linux: an unfair comparison.
04:07 Brian's experience with 64-bit Mint on an HP netbook
08:52 You CAN run a 64-bit OS on a netbook - and it runs better than Windows Starter edition
09:46 What about an ultrabook?
11:11 Linux: A lightweight option for modern computers
13:01 Linux on tablet devices
14:56 An unfair comparison?
15:59 The Vivaldi tablet runs KDE
22:41 Who is K?
24:04 Is Linux on a tablet DESIGNED for a touch interface?
25:34 The latest version?
27:17 What about Linux on Ultrabooks?
32:00 Running Microsoft Office on Linux
39:24 Tony: Clock skips, jumpy apps, audio cuts out
42:48 Burt: Gone Linux
44:28 Vinux Linux for the Visually Impaired
46:18 Don: Debian on Raspberry Pi
50:35 The Mint Boxes: Computers pre-installed with Linux Mint
53:27 Burt: OpenOffice and LibreOffice history
60:13 Chris: Virtual Box answers
63:57 goinglinux.com, goinglinux@gmail.com, +1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe
68:09 End
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