Episode: Going Linux #163 Computer America #46 
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00:00 Going Linux #163 Computer America #46
00:15 Introduction
00:46 Hello and welcome
01:59 Ben's brother Aaron installs Linux Mint
05:47 Microsoft Skype crashes under Linux
08:18 Faulty SSD causes 12 hour install
11:55 Installs from USB stick
12:18 Why would Mint 11 work when Mint 12 did not
13:24 Success!
14:54 Has Ben installed it yet?
15:37 How long does it take to get used to using Linux?
16:45 Common reasons for converting to Linux
17:23 Linux designed for new users
19:36 With Windows, you're a criminal
21:09 Playing Windows games on Linux
24:38 My son goes to Harvard AND uses Linux!
26:30 Linux in academia
27:28 I don't think he'll be using Windows again.
28:27 You don't need a copy of Windows to use WINE
29:16 Charlie: Upgrading Linux Mint
32:06 SOPA and SMNL
36:25 Charlie is back
38:28 Upgrading from CD or DVD
41:14 Richard: Linux commands on the Windows cmd
43:59 Chris: Playing with Linux/Itunes
49:32 R3AV3R: App to convert .avi to DVD format
52:40 Richard: OggCamp, Unix-based Operating systems, and programming
64:06 End
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