Episode: Going Linux #155 Listener Feedback 
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00:00 Going Linux #155 Listener Feedback
00:15 Introduction
01:47 Ubuntu 11.10 still a no-go
05:04 Bob: Got a non-Linux printer working with Linux!
08:34 Sister Amy: A small CMS called get-simple.info
12:05 Malcor the techie: Backup strategies for videos and for business
15:40 Troy: Amazes his coworkers with Ubuntu
29:02 Primefalcon: Positive comments on Computer America
32:23 Klaatu: What's wrong with Linux?
34:58 Dave: Upgrade errors Ubuntu 11.10
37:56 David: Whats' taking up all that space on my fresh Debian install?
41:42 Rick: Ideas for safe password storage
43:54 Ryan: Offers to contribute content for us.
45:43 Leslie: Locking out Linux
53:38 Kevin: Government websites that insist on a lack of security
56:38 Advertising vs. Donations
59:28 goinglinux.com, goinglinux@gmail.com, +1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe
61:17 End
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