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Episode: Going Linux #054 - Listener Feedback 
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00:00 Going Linux #054 - Listener Feedback
00:15 Introduction
01:36 Alex: Great show, but...
02:48 DBiddie: Networking and remote control
06:42 A.J.: Sharing printers over a home network
09:17 Stephen: Tiny Linux distributions
11:15 Mark gets help from Klaatu of The Bad Apples with his Powerbook G3
16:16 Vaughan: Linux on a VM is better than dual-booting
20:43 Carlos: Windows CAN see Linux partitions with the Ext2IFS driver
21:42 A.J.: Proxies answer for Gabe. Remote control using VNC
25:00 Mark: Thanks for Synergy
25:40 Alexandro: Bring back KDE topics, highlight Linux certified hardware
28:48 Dean-O: Got Dansguardian working with help of Ubuntu Forums
29:25 Steven vents about our Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux episode
32:46 Ryan: It's "Kross", not "k-ross"! Snooks chooses Linux for her laptop.
35:19 Göran: LVM and advanced files systems
38:32 SCALE 7x Promo
40:47 goinglinux.com, feedback, listen, subscribe
42:13 End
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