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Episode: Going Linux #046 - J. Daniel Sawyer 
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00:00 Going Linux #046 - J. Daniel Sawyer
00:14 Introduction
01:20 Welcome Dan
01:47 Dan's media company runs Linux
03:02 Dan writes regularly for Linux Journal and Linux.com
04:50 Dan runs 64-bit Linux in his studio and only runs Windows for specific client requirements
06:44 A 64-bit operating system is "a dream" for processor intensive work like video production
07:47 "Hot And Bothered At Starbucks" Dan's article about the Cradlepoint PHS300
16:20 Dan will interview science fiction author and activist, Corey Doctorow, in Linux Journal.
21:39 Filming a project for J.C. Huthins "Obsidian"
25:50 Antithesis series: Full cast audio drama
27:25 Audio production is not easy
28:39 What Dan uses for audio production:
Adour is more flexible than Audacity for professional work
31:00 Antithesis, Book 1: about the story, in the author's words
35:10 The difference between a character-driven and a plot-driven work
39:03 Get the book and Dan's other works at iTunes and podio books
40:20 Dan's next project
41:00 Promo: Antithesis, Book 1: Predistination and Other Games of Chance
42:47 End
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