Global News: Episodes

The importance of landing on a comet/ Russian troops in eastern Ukraine?/ Love and Let Love in India
US and China reach "milestone" deal on emissions / Life in Syrian cities as civil war rages / What makes good science-fiction ?
Rising Israeli-Palestinian tension / Massacres in the DRC / No Cup of Nations for Morocco / Wristwatch sold for over $21m
9 Indian women dead after sterilisation / UN envoy says peace feasible in Syria / What do Chinese people like about the US ? / Bitter feud in Uzbekistan's ruling family
Potiskum students' relatives call for action / Life in Aleppo / Reagan-Thatcher recording released / Band Aid returns
Will summit yield better China-Japan relations ? / Calls for more black coaches in English football / German BBC journalist remembers fall of Berlin Wall / Zany film director hitch-hikes across US
Violence on Baghdad streets / The role of caste in Indian rapes / Is Yemen a failed state? / Was Jesus married?
Remembering the Berlin Wall / Airstrike on IS leadership / Return of the rock gods.
APEC deal targets stolen wealth overseas / Ebola volunteer recruitment drive / Rebuilding after Typhoon Haiyan / Pink condom controversy Down Under
Ukraine says Russian forces have crossed border / Brazil's worsening water-crisis / How a Nobel Prize-winner heard he'd won / 25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall
ICC won't prosecute Israel over Gaza flotilla raid / Future options for Hillary Clinton / Can video gamers teach military about future of war?
Russia's rouble at record low / Was Chinese president's plane used for ivory smuggling ? / Warning from UN official over ebola / Off-beat photos of the iconic band Blondie
Will money come quickly enough to rebuild Gaza? / Fossil rewrites understanding of early mammals /
Why listening to sad music makes you happier
Rising tensions in Jerusalem / Ebola burial-teams face hostility / Iranian gays forced to have sex-changes / Why Indian protestors are kissing in public
US votes in mid-term elections / IMF criticised for early austerity calls / Plight of Sierra Leone's ebola orphans
UK spy chief's warning about social media / Back-seat therapy for Stockholm taxi-users / How N. Korea's London embassy became an art gallery
US mid-terms draw near / Libyan army battles Islamists in Benghazi / Iraqi tribal leader accuses IS of massacres / UK boy killer "may never leave jail"
Guinea's president attacks "irrational panic" over ebola / Passionate campaigning in Iowa mid-term / Why do some millionaires give away their money ?
Eastern Ukraine rebel areas hold ballot / What will be the outcome of Burkina Faso turmoil ? / Why "feminist t-shirt" provoked UK controversy
Iraq tribe suffers new IS massacre / UN rejects Burkina Faso army rule / Chile to grow 'medicinal' cannabis.
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