Get-It-Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More: Episodes

Avoid distractions and keep on track with smart transitions between tasks.
Managing medication and treatment when giving home care for someone with a serious illness.
How to create a support system for yourself when caring for someone seriously ill.
How to study by mastering the skills of learning, integrating, and recalling what you learn.
Find more opportunity and better relationships by challenging your own assumptions.
Some jobs, by their nature, are emergency-driven. Here's how to decide what's top priority.
Get-It-Done Guy's tips for making the most of your calendar.
Persuade people quickly and effectively by asking carefully crafted questions.
How to keep yourself sane and in the flow when working on multiple projects.
Preparing for travel is easier if you use a travel preparation form. By putting all relevant information about your trip in one place, you can be sure you've covered all your bases.
How to tackle your backlog of books, magazines, and articles.
How to enjoy the present even if you're a hyper-planner.
Use an outline to speed your writing process dramatically
Get-It-Done Guy has 4 more tips to help keep your commitments and improve your reputation
Get-It-Done Guy has 5 tips to help keep your commitments and improve your reputation
Simple math calculations can make your life much easier.
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