Get-It-Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More: Episodes

Learn how you can set big goals and actually attain them.
How you can use Gmail can become your as a free reference library
Get your workgroup to create a system that encourages cleaning common areas.
How to be less selfish and judgmental and start making friends.
How to decide if you should choose tools to fit how you work, or change how you work to fit the tools.
How to easily track your time so you can deal with a boss who gives you too many projects and too much work.
Help people who come to you with questions, while protecting your own time and energy.
How to decide where to give stuff and creating a system to make it easy to do the giving.
Are you choosing the best apps or just wasting time? http://j.mp/GetItDoneBook
Learn how to create one master system to better organize your life. Find out how to combine the information you collect in your smartphone, and on scrap paper into a master system. http://j.mp/GetItDoneBook
How to deal with difficult people at work, such as a co-worker who puts you down and won't let you speak is tricky. You need to assert your own worth and your own needs, while not denigrating and alienating them. You need to be the adult. http://j.mp/GetItDoneBook
How to organize a job hunt requires a system to manage both your reference material and the process itself. This article will show you how to set up files to track both your opportunities and your job hunt process. http://j.mp/GetItDoneBook
How to see the big picture is not as easy as you'd think. You need to take steps to move out of the details, then have a way to reorient to the big picture. http://j.mp/GetItDoneBook
Get tips on how to create text macros and learn how to generate sensible abbreviations that will help you remember your macros and use them better and more efficiently.
Want to know how to successfully moderate a panel? Get 11 tips that will help you become a good moderator and will have the audience and panelists alike happy.
A very 21st-century form of clutter is plastic cards. Gift cards, credit cards, membership cards, and so on. Use plastic trading card folders to organize these cards, and group them according to your needs.
The most popular New Years resolutions are losing weight, finding a job, cleaning up the clutter, and organizing all ongoing projects. There are free and low-cost web sites that help with all these tasks.
Learn how to form a new habit and get tips on how mental rehearsal and identifying triggers can help you form a new habit that becomes a true habit in no time at all.
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