Get-It-Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More: Episodes

We all have great ideas, but it's easy to get distracted and lose them. Create a system that helps you capture and tame your good ideas.
In the 21st century, first impressions come through social media, so reputation management has to begin with how you present yourself in text and through words.
Each day a simple alignment with your boss and team can help make sure you're all aligned and moving in the same direction.
When you're juggling a project that spans several departments or people, keeping track of what to tell and to whom can be a huge task. But with the right tool, used the right way, it becomes as easy as pie (and for the record, pie is pretty easy).
An elevator pitch is old-fashioned. Sam Horn shows us how to capture an audience's attention instantly, with several different techniques from her new book, "Got Your Attention?" Read the transcript here: http://bit.ly/1I12rJi
How to deal with stress is a mystery to many of us type-A personalities. Get-It-Done Guy shows you that a little, explicit work life balance and self-care can go a long way. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/1CGDA7J
Using the right motivational words are one way to get yourself and others unstuck and moving. Get-It-Done Guy explains. Read the transcript here: http://bit.ly/1CbQAlu
When you identify the choke points in your most important deliverables, you can eliminate bottlenecks and boost your productivity. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/1EGG3Vm
Project managers know that step one of project management is stopping predictable failures from happening... Predictably. Read the transcript here: http://bit.ly/1y8F7Bz
Is your "to read" folder overflowing because you can't find any spare time to catch up? Get-It-Done Guy shows you how unsubcribing from all of your newsletters and updates can help clear up your time for the important things in your life. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/1N5MFxz
Decision-making meetings have the potential to become minor wars. By considering elements in the right order, you'll make your decisions much more smoothly. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/1MsrDHq
People have different ways of communicating and recognizing a sincere apology. Learn to master the 5 languages of apology and you'll be better at repairing and strengthening your relationships. Get-It-Done Guy explains. Read the transcript here: http://bit.ly/1wHkktI
When you are a square peg looking for a square hole, life is good. But when you don't fit neatly into a job search box, you might need to change the questions you ask. Visit the website: http://bit.ly/1AHLoY6
The days, when you want to be social, it's all about being social online, at arm's length. When someone actually wants to call? *pshaw* What a nuisance. But some calls simply must be answered. Here's how you can have your peace and quiet and ... er, eat it, too. Strategically using your address book ...
Get-It-Done Guy helps you keep things running smoothly by delivering criticism without the sting. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/1zTWGrP
Attending a conference can be a smorgasbord of opportunity. But make sure to plan your menu first. Otherwise, you might end up having too much salad and be full once it's time for the main course. Get-It-Done Guy explains how to pre-plan to make the most of your conference experience. Read the transcript: ...
Instead of using your email inbox to jog your memory, create a short-term memory folder where you can put everything you need for follow-up and connect it to your calendar and task list. Follow Get-It-Done Guy's system to keep track of your to-do list, without overloading your life. Visit the website: ...
Choosing, maintaining, and backing up your smartphone smartly will help insure that it serves you faithfully throughout the years. Get-It-Done Guy has the tips to take care of your beloved mobile device. Visit the website: http://bit.ly/1ukZnhl
It's the beginning of the year - are you still mired in your cluttered inbox? By archiving your yearly backlog and starting fresh, you can clear your mind for a brand new start. Get-It-Done Guy explains how. Read the transcript: http://bit.ly/1ukZk57
Saying “No” is the key to setting boundaries and protecting your time, space, and energy. It can also be risky. Here’s a framework for how to say “No.” Visit the website: http://bit.ly/1AnXIyA
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