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Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed II make Justin Calvert, Shaun McInnis, Kevin VanOrd, and Brendan Sinclair feel all tingly, but layoffs at EA and slumping October sales bring the mood back down.
Ricardo Torres, Chris Watters, Ryan Mac Donald, and Brendan Sinclair unload praise and scorn on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in a spoiler-ridden podcast covering the game's single-player campaign, from the controversial airport level to the game's ultimate message (if there is one).
Ricardo Torres, Lark Anderson, Tom Mc Shea, and Brendan Sinclair offer a piercing perspective on Bayonetta, ponder the possibilities of Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince of Persia, and pick apart the potential for Captain America and Thor games.
Shaun McInnis, Justin Calvert, Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, and Brendan Sinclair get all gushy about Dragon Age, GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, and Tekken 6. Then, it's time to tackle the DSi XL and Modern Warfare 2's latest controversies in one preposterously packed podcast.
Brian Ekberg, Kevin VanOrd, Tom Magrino, Chris Watters, and Brendan Sinclair craft a Shakespearean SmackDown in THQ's latest WWE game, while Dead Space: Extraction is dead-on-arrival in stores, Modern Warfare 2 for the PC gets controversial changes, and the gang casts future game-to-movie adaptations.
Brian Ekberg, Justin Calvert, Tyler Winegarner, and Brendan Sinclair shift into gear with Forza 3, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the PSP, and Demon's Souls. Also, Chris Watters swings by to talk Borderlands, and Tom Mc Shea drops in for the monthly NPD sales figures.
Tom Mc Shea, Giancarlo Varanini, Kevin VanOrd, and Brendan Sinclair get giddy over Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend, tune up Guitar Hero: Van Halen, propose bad ideas for EA's Jack the Ripper game, and set a record for most unrelated 1980s sitcom references in single podcast.
It's go time, as Kevin VanOrd, Lark Anderson, Sarju Shah, and Brendan Sinclair recap the PSP Go before delving into Demon's Souls and Ninja Gaiden Sigma and breaking out the extra-snooty monocles for ESRB Ratings Description Excerpt Theatre.
Tom Mc Shea, Tom Magrino, and Brendan Sinclair recap Tokyo Game Show week, from a Wii price drop to Dead Rising 2 to rumors of Microsoft buying EA. Also, more Halo 3: ODST, a touch of Williams Pinball, and a heated debate over whether Batman is, in fact, a scientist.
Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, and Brendan Sinclair lock and load with Halo 3: ODST, tune up The Beatles: Rock Band, recap last week's GDC Austin convention, and instill a healthy dose of Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick's skepticism, pessimism, and fear.
With Brendan on assignment covering GDC Austin, Chris Watters, Shaun McInnis, Kevin VanOrd, and Tom Magrino grapple with the week's crush of games. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Wet, Scribblenauts, Need for Speed: Shift, (take a breath), Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, NHL 10, and...My Boyfriend? ...
Ricardo Torres, Giancarlo Varanini, Tom Mc Shea, and Brendan Sinclair get wistful on the Dreamcast's 10th anniversary with EA Sports president and Sega vet Peter Moore. Also, the gang recaps PAX 2009, talks All Time Greatest Game Heroes, and digs into Muramasa: The Demon Blade.
Chris Watters, Shaun McInnis, Sophia Tong, Tom Mc Shea, and Brendan Sinclair sound off on Guitar Hero 5, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Disney's big acquisition of Marvel. Also, God of War gets collected on the PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 Elite hardware gets a price drop.
Justin Calvert, Giancarlo Varanini, Kevin VanOrd, and Brendan Sinclair get committed to Batman: Arkham Asylum, level up in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and recap a frenzied news week, featuring a PlayStation 3 price drop, Fable III, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and Rock Band 3.
With HotSpot mastermind Brendan Sinclair giving his dulcet tones a rest for the week, Brian Ekberg, Chris Watters, Sophia Tong, and Tom Magrino do their best to make with the video game talky-talky. Subjects on tap for the week include Shadow Complex, EA Sports MMA, those irascible NPD sales numbers, ...
It's Madden week, which means it's time for Brian Ekberg, Chris Watters, Tom Mc Shea, and Brendan Sinclair to expose just how much (or little) they know about football. Also, the crew dissects Activision's plans for Call of Duty, Tony Hawk: Ride, and Guitar Hero: Van Halen before delving into games with ...
Tom Mc Shea, Shaun McInnis, Kevin VanOrd, and Brendan Sinclair celebrate the 200th episode of the HotSpot by putting the moves on Fat Princess, enlisting with G.I. Joe, and doing whatever one is supposed to do with a "BlazBlue." Then, it's time to talk about game-based movies, still more 2010 delays, ...
Just back from a trip to Comic-Con, Chris Watters, Ricardo Torres, and Lark Anderson tell their war stories to Brendan Sinclair. Also, Splinter Cell Conviction is overturned until next year, the Warcraft movie gets a director, and the holiday release schedule takes shape.
Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, and Brendan Sinclair tune up for make-your-own Rock Band songs, bemoan the Bayonetta delay, run down the monthly sales charts, and more. WARNING: This episode of the HotSpot contains suggestive language. Listener discretion is advised.
Justin Calvert, Andre Segers, Tom Mc Shea, Chris Watters, and Brendan Sinclair storm Battlefield 1943, kick back with Wii Sports Resort, and look forward to another Summer of Arcade before discovering the awful truth about the BioShock 2 delay.
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