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Episode: Improving Your Critical Point of Impact with Martin Chuck 
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<p>GS#315 Striking the ball properly is all about the the point of impact. It’s nearly impossible to modify our swing mechanics on our own, but when you understand the club face position at contact with the ball, you will become a better ball striker. Martin Chuck, PGA, is also the inventor of the very popular Tour Striker, one of the best (based on listener feedback) and most effective training tools you can ever try. If you’ve ever seen the infomercial, you know the selling points. In this half hour interview with host Fred Greene, Martin discusses how most amateurs sweep, flip or pick at the ball instead of understanding how to get their hands in the correct position for quality impact. Practicing with a Tour Striker does that better than any tool I've ever tried. Martin also shatters some classic cliches we all repeat but don’t understand, like “slow down your backswing”, “swing easy”, and “hit down to make it go up”. </p>

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