GALACTICAST (iPod): Episodes

Rudy and Casey battle it out to be the next William Shatner Sci Fi spokesperson Written, Directed & Produced by Rudy Jahchan & Casey McKinnon Editing & Spectial Effects by Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan Starring Casey McKinnon Rudy Jahchan Special Appearance by Dan McVicar Inspired ...
A long time ago on a reality show far, far away. Produced by Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan Written & Directed by Rudy Jahchan Editing & Spectial Effects by Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan Starring Casey McKinnon Rudy Jahchan Emily Chartrand Roy Jahchan Dave Noiseux Jason Howell Inspired ...
Who says sci-fi fans aren’t queer? Links: Ultimate Eye for the Vertigo Guy; Music – Orbital Bop and Sunrise at Sheep Pass, courtesy of GalacticAnthems.com
Post-apocalyptic videobloggers tell their tales. Visit Node666.org or subscribe for more (available in QuickTime/iPod only). Collaborators: The Captain Humphreys Project; Carol and Steve Show; Countries Beginning With I; G14 Productions; Interdigitate; Jet Set Show; Michael Verdi; Node 101; Noodle Scar; ...
Galacticast represents at FanExpo 2006. Credits: Jeffrey Combs, Gates McFadden, FanExpo, Space Channel, G4 Tech TV, Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition, Silver Snail Comics
For those couples in a very special relationship. Night of the Living Dead (via Archive.org); Mooki TV!
The Galacticast Crew responds to their viewers… ***INFO: GALACTICAST INTERGALACTIC TOUR*** Links: Queen Kong; The Show; You Might Be A Cylon; SadCast; Ask A Ninja; Dany-Art.com (coming soon)
The strangest story ever conceived by woman. Links: Kong is King
Galacticast makes a public service announcement in search of a new cast member. Enjoy our new player interface and let us know if you have any problems. Links: G14 Productions; Matrix Screensaver; ‘Old Skool‘ by Big Y;
The lost tale between Superman II and Superman Returns. Co-produced with G14 Productions Links: ‘Statue of Liberty at Sunset‘ by Steve Sizemore; ‘Wind2‘ by pushtobreak and ‘NEWLazerLOOP‘ by Koops (via The Freesound Project)
Rudy gets kidnapped and Casey sets off on an 8-bit quest to rescue him. Links: ‘Start’ by Rugar (via 8bitpeoples); ‘Bomb’ courtesy of sleep (via The Freesound Project); The Real Super Mario
Famous figures in sci-fi/fantasy describe what they’re looking for in a partner. Music: ‘Start’ by Rugar (via 8bitpeoples); ‘guitarsolo2′ by NoiseCollector (via The Freesound Project) Special thanks to Bre Pettis and Andrew Congdon for their contributions this week
The game of finding the Cylon agent and winning fabulous prizes! Link: Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi Channel); BattlestarGalactica.com; Cylon Centurion 3D Model (David Kerin); The Price is Right (tpir.tv) Now hosted by Blip.tv
Rudy and Casey “escape to New York” to explore the geektastic landmarks of the city and re-enact famous movie scenes with special guest star Andrew Congdon. Links: Marvel Comics (map); New York Public Library (map); Ghostbusters; Spider-Man; Chrysler Building (map); Godzilla (US Version); ...
Nanny Jayne visits a troubled family. Links: Alien Quadrilogy; Supernanny; Nanny 911; music courtesy of Al’s Piano Music; extra sound effects courtesy of The Freesound Project
A new co-worker tries to hijack Casey’s job. Links: Jet Set Show; 2001: A Space Odyssey; HAL 9000; Solisbury Hill by Peter Gabriel
A parody of 1968 Roman Polanski psychological thriller Rosemary’s Baby. Special thanks to Patrick Delongchamp, Steve Garfield, Richard Hall, Bekah Havens, Charles Hope, Paul Knight, Monika Lyman, Mike Moon, Lisa Ours and The Right Reverend Chumley for their help. *”HAIL SATAN!” OUTTAKES ...
Galacticast field correspondent Stephanie Bryant interviews sci-fi actor, director and producer Stephen Furst in Attack of the 50 ft. Stephen Furst Casey interviews Jocelyn Leblanc and Guillaume Poitras of the Soundtrack Wind Orchestra about their upcoming Star Wars Concert in Attack of the 50 ft. Soundtrack ...
While Casey and Rudy are away at Vloggercon in San Francisco, they post an oldie but goodie: Prepare for Singularity.
Today’s episode of Sci-Fi Night Live features a message from our sponsors.
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