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I had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Schutte on his racing career which went from American road racing to NASCAR and oval racing when he reached a fork in the road. Why did he make the decision he made? You’ll have to listen to find out but suffice it to say, Alex shares what
Join Paul, Mark and me as we discuss the Malaysian Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished and explore our thoughts on the race and action. We even cover things like the penalties, Ferrari’s new pace, Mercedes error (was it an error?) and more. We even mention the Indycar race…which is starting to
Join Grace an me on this “monkey fightin’ FBC Monday to Friday” Podcast. We cover all sorts of things like the return of Alonso and Bottas, the sporty Williams and their peppy attitude, the McLaren statement which always begets more statements and more. Fashion award winners:   WINNER!
So how did our Aus gp predictions go? Did we even make the start? We are not alone if we didn’t plus plenty of all the regular motorsport chat, a one off return for an old award and some bonus pre and post show bits thrown in at the end, we don’t break the 4th
It’s here! The first Race Review podcast of the 2015 season! Join Paul, Mark (@Charlie_whiting) and me as we discus each team as they finished including the litigation and Horner’s call for regulatory equalization as well as Marko’s threat to quit. We unpack such things as Williams weekend was ...
Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula1 news of the week. We chat about McLaren and Alonso and Briatore’s comments on the incident…what? Are you against safety? We discuss Lewis and how together he is at the moment. We chat about Jenson Buttons nerves of steel and even mention Giedo’s litigation as well
Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week #justthewind. We chat about Arrivabene, Mclaren, Mercedes, Manor and even mention a few things about Schumacher…no, not that Schumacher. #wishthemsuccess Fashion award winner here.
Join Grace, Paul and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week including Nandogate in which Paul gives us insight to how serious racing takes concussions. We cover the FIA ban on radio comms, FIA vote for 2017, and other FIA shenanigans as well as cover testing and more. We even talk
Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We cover such things as NASCAR’s attempt at “knock-out” qualifying. We mention the epic vote to change F1’s future which is happening…basically right now! We talk about Marussia, McLaren, Renault and the token wars, NBC Sports ...
Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. F1’s busy stories such as Marussia, Ferrari and Sauber at test in Jerez, Caterham’s auction, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger’s split, and the German and Qatar grand prix. Fashion award inner here.
Join Grace and me as we discuss the Formula 1 news of the week. We cover car launches on the really important things about the cars such as the colors. We cover Ferrari’s revolution and Mr. E’s court case. We even get distracted by Lewis’s burgeoning music career and test out a new soundboard which
We’ve had the opportunity to interview several young American open-wheel drivers intent on reaching F1 but I think you’ll find that TJ Fischer has an eye to becoming a complete racing package on and off the track that could set him apart from the pack. He’s professional, poised and a humble driver ...
Join Paul, Mark and me as we bookend out original RanCast on #380. This episode explores concepts or ideas that perhaps might work for Formula 1. We reckon that complaining in our first cast was all fine and good but we love this sport and we ought to come to the table with more than
Paul “The International” Charsley recently attended the AUTOSPORT International show in the UK and while there, he had a chance to attend a session with James Allen interviewing the incredible Allan McNish. Allan is a wonderful guy and terrific driver and he was speaking to a group of race marshals ...
Join Dave (MIE) and I as we cover the week in Formula One news. We discuss the Pirelli wide tire issue, FIA news such as the engine development decision in Honda’s favor and the superlicense tweaking and we discuss the Germans and why they don’t like F1 anymore (I even did some poking around the minds
Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the week. FIA’s engine loophole makes prompts Honda meeting, Pirelli’s tires in 2015, Adrian’s road car fascination, Superlicense points and the lack of contributing series and much more. Fashion award winner here.
Join Dave and me as we discuss the FIA engine development loophole, the 2015 regulation changes and what that could mean for Honda as well as the season. We unpack the engine regulations and chat about when power unit has to be homologated and when it can be developed. Big thanks to our man Dave
Join Paul, Mark and me as we comprehensively review the 2014 Formula One Season. We cover each F1 team, each driver and offer our thoughts and opinion on their performance and discuss their season in context. We offer a top 10 driver ranking and even have year-end awards for pass, donkey and drive of the
Join Grace, Paul and me as we discuss podcast #400. We cover the news of the week at around 16 minute mark and we thought it might be fun to talk about what was happening in F1 when we started the podcasts. Did you play Podcast bingo? Here’s how: Formula 1 Blog bingo – 400th
Join Grace and me as we discuss the news of the news of the week but for those who hate our show preamble or Parc Fermé condition, skip the first few minutes. We cover McLaren, Button, Alonso, Williams, Ferrari and even chat about Lewis Hamilton’s BBC award. Fashion award here. Tesla Malibu
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