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<b>Saturday Night in Surrey</b><br /><p>

<i>Professor, Doctor, and Kitty Korrosive go out to the pub.</i><p>

<b><i>Topics:</i></b><br />
- the Alexander Keith Guy arrested for child porn. <br /><i>click on this link to view the famous beer commercials:</i><br />
<a href="http://www.keiths-fans.ca/multimedia.html">Keiths-Fan.ca</a><br ...
<br />
<i>Where is the good Doctor?</i><br />
<i>Why did he bitch out on us?</i><br />
<b>Another near midnight society with</b> <u>Professor Bestestes, Kitty Korosive, and The Fleetwood Mac</u><br />
We discuss people out on the street like muslims and teenagers, dental procedures, dave chapelle, ...
<br /><i>this podcast deals with the topics of Depression and Suicide so if you are sensitive to these subjects please avoid listening</i><p>
<b>part Midnight Society<br />
part Surrey Perspective<br />
all in all Classic Foreskin entertainment!</b><br />
<a href="http://www.save.org">Suicide Awareness ...
<b>Hey Baby! the hot blow is better!</b><p>

<b>Chillin' Like a Villian at the Doctor's House</b><br />
Professor Bestestes, Doctor Lickalottapus, Kitty Korrosive<br />
<i>new podmovie feed, online relatioships, phone sex line for women, three-some no-some, tori amos turn off, etc</i><br /><p>
<b>In ...
<br />
<b>In The Echo</b><br />
<b>In The Rain</b><br />
Professor Bestetes, Doctor Lickalottapus, The Fleetwood Mack<br />
<i>Fan Mail, Sexual Experiences, Doctor Rants, Asain Pussy...</i><br /><p><b>Pandas Must Die!</b><p>
<b>Midnight Society</b><br />
<b>In Fleetwood, Coyote Creek Elm.</b><br />
Prof. ...
<b><i>Friday the 13th</i></b><br />
<b>Extended Oujia Coverage</b>
<p><b>special OUIJA edition</b><br /><p>
<i>first 20 mins:</i> <br />worth listening to<br /><p>
<i>second 20 mins:<br /></i> Ouija setup<br /><p>
<i>10 mins:</i> <br />ouija attempt 1<br /><p>
<i>20 mins:</i> <br />ouija attempt 2<br /><p>
<i>last 15 mins:</i> <br />overview and sign off<br /><p>
<p><b>email:</b><a> ...
<b>extented coverage of The Hook Up</b><br />
<i>continuation from episode 23</i><br />
Featuring Professor Bestestes and 'Tea'<br />
at Blue Ridge Bar & Grill in Abbotsford<p>
<p><b>Post-Xmas Festivus Special</b><br />
back from holiday hiatus!
<i>"Foreskin in a Jar"</i> by Lyrical Pranksters<p>
<b>Festivus Dinner Party:</b> <i>Professor, Doctor L, Kitty, and Fleetwood Mac.</i><br />Xmas Rap Up, Au Jus, Fleetwood Mac Flashback, 21 Seconds, Smance, Skippy, Fan email shout ...
<b><u>Stripper Night in Review</u> seeks vengeance</b><br /><p><b>Ron Jeremy at Delaney's:</b> the gang assembles outside the stripper bar where we are about to see the legendary Ron Jeremy. Dr Lickalottapus hears the rap challenge of the Professor<br /><p><b>Ron does some stand-up</b><br /><p><b>S</b>tripper ...
<b>Xmas in Vancouver</b>
<br /><p>
<b>In The Car:</b>Professor and the good Doctor <i>discuss radio listener bashing, south asians against violence, its the most gothiest time of the year, shut the cowboy up</i><br /><p><b>Under the Skytrain:</b> Kitty Korrosive, Doc L and Prof B <i>not quite a midnight ...
<b>Fog</b> by Carl Sandburg<br /><p>Conversation at <a href="http://www.jabezcoffeebar.com">Jabez Coffee Bar:</a> <i>Prof. Bestestes, Dr. Lickalottapus, Kitty Korrosive, DJ Mouse, and Why Not</i><br />Vancouver's DJ Situation<br /><p><b><u>Midnight Society</u></b><br /><i>Prof B, Kitty K, The Fleetwood ...
<b>Two Men with Fore Skin</b> video promo<br /><p><i>featuring the music of</i><br /><b>Annikan Slayd</b> from Montreal<br /><a href="http://annakinslayd.com">annakinslayd.com</a><br />
<b>Controversy</b> between <a href="http://www.mickaloha.com">Mick Aloha</a> and Professor Bestestes</i><br /><p>

<b>Musical Rant:</b> <i>Dr. Lickalottapus wears his sister's jogging pants</i><br />
<b>An Evening in Steveston:</b> <i>Kitty Korrosive, Dr. L, and Prof. B have a crazy conversation...Is ...
This movie was captured using an Archos and dubbed over with stupid random audio clips. We created characters that resemble your favorite Two Men with Fore Skin personalities. On this movie we have Professor Bestestes, Dr. Lickalottapus, and The Fleetwood Mac pitted against each other in a ladder match. ...
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<b><u>206-202-5191</u></b><br />
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<i>Be our friend at </i><a href="http://www.myspace.com/transpondency"> ...
<b>not a regular episode! </b><br />
Dr. Lickalottapus fell down some stairs.<br />
We talk about traditional marriage stereotypes and waiting in the emergence room while drinking Absenthe.<br /><p>

<i>Comments, Question, Criticism:</i><br />
<b>email</b> <a href="mailto:twomenwithforeskin@hotmail.com"> ...
<b><u>Prelude to Halloween</b></u><br /><i>We have a winner in our FanWhore contest!</i> <br />You've won a t-shirt and pin and stuff...yaaa!<br />Remember, you can still be part of the show: <br />email us <a href="mailto:twomenwithforeskin@hotmail.com">twomenwithforeskin@hotmail.com</a><br /><p><b>C ...
<b> Gayest Show Ever.</b><br />We're now in iTunes, bitches. Finally, after all this time. Be a FanWhore: Subscribe, Email us, leave us a comment on the website... c'mon, hate us or love us, we want to heard from you. <br /><p><b>Gay story number one:</b> <i>faggot attack in the washroom stall.</i><br ...
<b>Over the phone again</b> Prof Bestestes and Dr Lickalottapus discuss: suicide girls. listener apathy, cartoons like Clone High and Danger Mouse, things that make you kinda gay, Canadian heroes, etc.<br /><p>
<b>Kitty Korrosive's B-Day Karaoke Dance Party</b> we make funny of Cher<br /><p><b>Kickin' ...
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