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Whilst I was running amok at Peru’s La Mistura culinary festival, I grabbed Chef Maricel Presilla to help me learn the secrets of picarones, a fried dough dessert that had me addicted from the first bite. Every culture seems to have a fried dough, and that’s as good as street food gets. I ...
I'm bringing this show out from the archives in memory of K. Dun Gifford, who passed away very suddenly on Sunday. I have many happy memories of working for him, and know he will be missed.
During my trip to Rias Baixas, Spain, I sat down for a post-dinner chat with Chef José González-Solla, owner of Casa Solla in Pontevedra. He likes to play with food, too.
During my trip to Rias Baixas, I snuck into the kitchen with Chef José González-Solla, owner of Casa Solla in Pontevedra, to watch him prepare our main course. This chef likes to play with his food, and he treated us to an inspirational twist on traditional Galician flavors.
Chef Mark speaks with Mathieu McFadden from Chocosol Chocolate, a "Pedal powered & Horizontal-trade" chocolate company, which sources all their chocolate direct from growers in Mexico and Central America, and processes it by hand in Ontario.
Chef Mark and I head to Ontario to taste the culinary delights of Toronto.
On my visit to the Condado do Tea region of Rias Baixas, I spent the afternoon with renowned winemaker Cristina Mantilla, and learned about the relationship between color and flavor from wine expert Marnie Old.
If you have any preconceived notions about coffee, this is a good time to cast them aside. Brian Franklin, owner of The Double Shot Coffee Company in Tulsa, OK, has changed my whole world.
CMN Travels has been nominated for a Tasty Award in the Best Food Travel Series: Web category!
My tasting tour of Rias Baixas led to a wonderful discovery: The female winemakers in this region have made an indelible impression upon the quality of the wines and the respect Albariño grapes have earned internationally.
There's a whole lot happening in this episode, from my trip to BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas to my journey through the Cotswolds in the UK.
There’s a whole lot happening in this episode, from my trip to BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas to my journey through the Cotswolds in the UK. I’m also continuing my Sex on a Plate adventures, so please do join me for a little stimulating conversation.
Among other things, I was ...
This summer I was invited by Wines from Spain and the Rias Baixas wine region to explore their viniferous offerings. I came away from the trip with a lot of new thoughts on white wines, as they hadn’t held much excitement for me — until I discovered why. A big part of enjoying wine comes [...]
During our trip to Scotland, I sat down with Chef Jason Henderson from Knock Castle to talk about his approach to fine dining. I posted my initial impressions about Knock Castle, but this takes a little behind-the-scenes look at how Jason thinks about food, and what he wants people to experience in his ...
This is what happens when I drink first thing in the morning. We stopped in at the Penderyn Distillery, the only working distillery in Wales, which is working to revive the Welsh Whisky tradition. Keith Tench gives me a lesson in cuddling and properly sniffing whisky, and I get a taste of a VERY special [...]
Our kooky day with Chef Tom Lewis of Monachyle Mhor continues, as we pay a visit to his Mhor Fish location, which combines a fish n chip shop with a seafood diner, including a cooking school upstairs. We’ll have some of his cooking demos coming up later on the “Main Show”, but this is a [...]
We go out into the woods with Chef Tom Lewis of the Monachyle Mhor Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland, to forage for mushrooms. We met him in New York, and now we’re at his place in Scotland to discover how he uses the produce that grows wild around him in his cooking. We’ll have some of [...]
Our trip to Scotland starts off the right way with a tuck in to a good traditional Scottish Breakfast in Inverary. We’re here to learn a bit about Jennifer’s family heritage, and we’ve brought along her Mum! A production of the Culinary Media Network. www.culinarymedianetwork.com
My friend Sam Sotiropoulos from www.greekgourmand.com joins me for a chat about all things food geek, from ancient Greek history to how to find real feta in the supermarket.
Chef Mark and Jennifer attend a luncheon at Chef Aaron Sanchez's Centrico Restaurant featuring products from Chile.
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