Fat Kid Rocks Podcast: Episodes

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<img src="http://assets.podomatic.net/ts/95/5d/bf/podcast51012/1400x1400_10362158.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Girl Scout cookies, Canadian news, & Lounge-y Rage
can't remember, riots, & redneck crazy
i'm dying, arrested for rap, and charles ramsey
farmer's market, boston, & epic football rant
sugar free, north korea, & april fools day gone wrong
bitter, terrorism in the US, & nice to meet 'cha
ma'am, lance, & sweet brown cashing in
awkward christmas, fiscal blah blah blah, & oh snap! dead body
black friday bath fitter, black friday madness, & shaming your daughter
interview I did with Mitch Lucker, lead singer of Suicide Silence, in July 2009.
zombie dream, media and libya, & hollywood is out of ideas
funk, trump isn't helping, & weird al
flu, protesting muslims, & amanda todd
for the cure, votes in the middle, uncle bob on the romney-obama debate
good to be black, obama phone, & mall scare
adult at the dentist, training afghan police, & my new obsession
olympics, obama was a slave, & PING!
ballpark moms, penn state sanctions, & $5000 a week
ted, liberty is dead, & shoplifting commentary
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