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Can eating chocolate help you lose weight? Surprising health claims about chocolate have come out in recent years. Studies have
found, for example, that eating chocolate on a regular basis might help to lower blood pressure and heart attack risk, improve cholesterol levels
and help regulate insulin. ...
Can a blood test help to detect Alzheimer's disease? Alzheimer's disease is the term for aging-related dementia that gets worse
over time. It typically begins with memory loss, but it also affects overall thinking and behavior. In severe cases, Alzheimer's can lead to
depression, delusions and the ...
Why is the obesity rate rising among Mexican-Americans? We Americans, in general, have a weight problem. This is not a political
issue, but instead a major health concern, and it contributes enormously to the rising cost of national health care. More than one third (1/3) of all
American adults are ...
Does a more comprehensive sex ed program prevent teen pregnancies? A new study indicates that American states offering
abstinence-only sex education programs had higher rates of teenage birth rates than those states offering a more comprehensive program.
However, researchers believe that the disparity ...
Can eating certain fruits help reduce the risk of developing diabetes? An apple a day -- or a handful of blueberries -- may in fact
help keep the doctor away. A new U.S. study suggests that eating more apples, blueberries and pears can help ward off type two diabetes. Script
Number: 32221 For archived ...
Are there prescription drugs that can help you quit smoking -- and do they work? Addiction works in funny ways. While
one person might be able to quit smoking cold turkey and never look back, another person tries to quit countless times, to no avail.
The cravings cause extreme discomfort, distraction ...
What is the salvia drug, and what are the health risks involved with its use? Interest in the not-yet-illegal drug called
salvia has sky-rocketed, largely due to a leaked internet video showing pop star Miley Cyrus smoking the herb. The New York Times
reported that shortly after the Cyrus video ...
Can you predict someone's life span based on how fast they walk? We tend to use images of speed when talking about
the health of older adults. We describe a hearty older relative as having "a spring in her step," or express concern about an ailing
friend, who is "starting to slow down". A report ...
Do American children receive too much radiation from medical imaging tests? Americans today receive more radiation
from medical imaging procedures like x-rays and CT scans that ever before. Approximately seven million CT scans are performed on
children every year in the U.S., and that number is rising ...
Why do people with diabetes need to be especially concerned about their feet? Many people with diabetes have
problems with the nerves in their feet. That means they may not feel pressure points on the bottoms of their feet, and because they
are also likely to have problems with blood circulation ...
How does having diabetes affect professional and academic success rates? Diabetes may be a factor in high school
drop-out and unemployment rates, and may reduce overall lifetime earnings among those working, according to a recent study
published by the journal Health Affairs. Script Number: 32215 ...
Can traditional herbal medicines help treat arthritis pain? Herbal medicines have long been used to treat symptoms of
osteoarthritis, a painful disease that causes joint damage. One popular herbal arthritis medicine is glucosomine chondroitin, although
other traditional remedies include ginger, nettle, ...
Can grief help to trigger a heart attack? Feelings of grief following the death of a loved one can range from shock to
anger to serious depression. The stress caused by mourning can effect more than just your emotions, however. Script Number:
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Have scientists isolated a specific gene mutation for prostate cancer? Researchers have reported finding the first major
gene mutation that seems to be associated with a higher risk of inherited prostate cancer. It does not occur in every case of
hereditary prostate cancer, but it does greatly increase ...
Can a combination of two drugs help fight aggressive breast cancer? Combining drugs can be tricky business.
Sometimes two medications cancel each other out; sometimes they create negative side effects. Other times, combining two drugs
can improve the outcomes of both. For example, a recent clinical ...
Is retirement good for your health? European researchers recently published a study indicating that retirement improves
overall wellbeing. This may not be a great surprise to anyone. But, the study is politically important, since legislators in many
developed countries are pushing to increase the ...
What are some tips to keep in mind when buying seafood? Fish and shellfish offer tons of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins
and other essential nutrients, but there are safety considerations to keep in mind when buying, preparing and storing seafood --
especially when you live inland, like I do. Script ...
What do you do when your child is the bully? Most parents worry about bullying at school, and with social media and cell
phones, both the reach and the nature of bullying have grown in unexpected and shocking ways. Script Number: 32208 For archived
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Just how bad are the vending machines in schools? Vending machines have never been known for their good
contribution to healthy living. And parents and health experts have long worried about the negative impact of vending machines in our
children's schools. Script Number: 32207 For archived Family ...
Do antibacterial soaps weaken the immune system? In recent years, people have begun to wonder if too much hygiene
weakens the immune system. The idea is that, if your body doesn't get enough practice killing off the everyday, garden-variety
germs, then it won't be properly conditioned to fend off ...
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