Everything Creative: Episodes

This is a clip of The Star Spangled Banner as performed by Boyz II Men. This isn't an "official" Everything Creative episode; I just needed to put this clip on the Internet somewhere in order for my blog (http://choraldirector.blogspot.com/) to find it, as I have a posting about this clip.
This is one of Miss Clemmer's Spanish classes singing songs they have learned, and in some cases written, in order to learn Spanish concepts.
Here's a hymn I arranged for my brother, sister-in-law, my wife, and me to sing for my mom.
Krazy Smith is back with another track!
Once again Canaan "Krazy" Smith has delivered to us a track to enjoy. Give it a listen!
Thanks for sticking with us through our episode gap. This episode features Corey Brock with new music he wrote with Kyle's lyrics. Enjoy!
Canaan Smith is getting into techno music through loops on a piece of Windows software he uses. Here is a piece of his. Enjoy!
These projects were done in 30 minutes by my music history students. They were to pick a children's song or nursery rhyme and compose music to it...all in a small amount of time. Their music instruction is quite limited...the high school they attend is on traditional block scheduling, and they have no ...
These three sophomores have had very little to no music instruction, and yet here they are in a jam session with a djembe, cabasa, and a wood block having a great time!
Shelley sits down with me at the mic and we talk a little about Everything Creative: how it's done, why podcast, and how it benefits students.
Kalie decided to write for the piano...
Hannah and Sylvia have gone to Africa the past two summers, and in this episode they show their pictures while talking about their trip. The travel was not only experiential and entertaining for the sisters; it was also quite rewarding, including a nursery school set up for the Tanzanian children in ...
Laura has graciously given us more of her work. This episode features her playing "Suicide." (No...there are no suicidal subliminal messages or any tomfoolery as that.)
Here we have Corey again singing another song he wrote for this podcast, "Cry From Me."
Shelley recorded and edited her poem, "Life of the Party," added music and sounds that match the message and fit quite nicely. Enjoy!
A student of mine wanted me to read these poems.
Brennan Forrester is a piano player, and I had no idea until I heard him sit down and start playing this tune. I rushed to grab some audio recording stuff and capture his music. Thanks, Brennan.
Kayla's poem wasn't a project for school but was one she did on her own.
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