Epicurious: Inside the CIA: Episodes

Grand Finale: Over dinner at chef Laurent Tourondel's BLT Fish, the students reveal the highs and lows of being on public display for 13 weeks.
Erin explains why she participated in the CIA online reality show ...
Jared thanks everyone he knows, like he's accepting an Oscar Award, and hints that he'd like to do this again--soon.
Claire's still not sure where she'll end up after graduation, but she knows where her stuff is going: home to mom and dad.
Markos hopes to meet his viewers someday--either at a restaurant where he's cooking or perhaps in the emergency room when he's "burnt and bloody."
Chauffeured around town in a limo, the students meet three legendary chef starting with pastry maven François Payard.
Wylie DuFresne explains food science at his WD-50 restaurant.
Gray Kunz offers a scenic tour of Café Gray inside the Time-Warner Center.
Erin's moving on to next phase of her education--two more years in the bachelor's program.
Jared pretends he is Markos and tapes his video blog from the smoker's gazebo.
Claire and her colleagues learn how to make churros, zeppoles, and crepes.
The good news: Markos landed an externship in New Orleans, and can smoke and drink freely. The bad news: Sweltering heat.
It's evaluation time: The chefs assess the strengths and weaknesses of our four CIA students--and predict where each will land after graduation.
What does Accounting have to do with cooking school? Find out!
Jared rhapsodizes about his pal, and camera operator, Audrey.
Naples? Georgia? Santa Barbara? Claire's job search has her reaching out to people all over the world.
Even after a shower, coffee, and a cigarette, Markos looks weary in the morning.
Like messy fun? Watch the students compete in two oyster contests -- shucking and sucking.
Erin and her roommate, Lauren, discuss what they've learned from each other. In bed.
Jared admits he has a habit of falling asleep at the wheel; fellow students are both entertained and appalled.
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