ポッド de モット英会話: Episodes

Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! One of the best ways to strengthen your English-speaking abilities is to use English as much as possible! Therefore, when you travel to the United States, it only makes sense to use the English language to learn the English language! Let’s say you are shopping ...
Learn common greetings with our English in Three Minutes series!
In the US, manners are important, and this step-by-step video teaches you some of the basics you need to be polite while speaking English. A native English teacher will explain the simple phrases necessary.アメリカでは、マナーがとても重要です。英語で話すときの基礎のマナーをビデオの中でマスターしましょう!英語のネイティブが簡単かつ必要なフレーズを紹介します。
In ...
Learn English with EnglishClass101.com! Now that you know how to introduce yourself in English, you are ready to get to know the wonderful people of the United States a little better! You decide to go for a walk in a lovely little American park around the corner from your hotel. A [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You just arrived in the United States. You take a deep breath of the crisp air, look around you, and get ready to embark on a new adventure! What brings you to the United States? Work? Vacation? Family? Or have you decided to grab life by the [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! Your American host family tells you that they are Jewish, so they must fast for the next day. They hand you some American dollars and tell you that you should treat yourself to some fast food while they aren’t cooking. The one thing your American host family’s [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You’re planning to relax this weekend, but clearly your co-workers have something else in mind. When you’re walking by their cubicles, you hear them ask each other in English, “I don’t know how to dress for tomorrow night. What are you wearing?” The ...
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You can barely sit up after eating a hearty, multiple-course Thanksgiving meal with your American host family. In fact, you’re ready for a long nap after a full day of filling your belly and watching American football. However, your American hosts are already ...
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! Your Internet connection is down, so you call the service provider and complain in English. You tell the person who answers the phone in English, “I need to have my Internet fixed now.” The person on the other end of the phone asks you in English, “What [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! It’s almost midnight on New Year’s Eve, and as you count down the last minutes of the year with your American friends, one elbows you. She hisses in English that you better find someone cute to stand next to before the ball drops! You look around the [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You’re supposed to meet up with your friends at a restaurant for dinner, but you can’t seem to find it. You call one of your friends and ask in English, “I think I’m lost. Can you help me find the restaurant?” Your friend replies in English, “Sure [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! Your American friends told you that it’s Memorial Day, so they have the day off from work to hang out with you. You don’t know what it is that your American friends are celebrating, so you decide to find out. Your friends take you to an American [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You look at your watch and shake your head to yourself. You mumble to yourself in English, “I was only going to be in here for ten minutes to pick up one item, but now look at my full cart! I’m never shopping on an empty stomach again.” [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You’re thankful for the day off in America, but it seems like you just had lots of holidays over Christmas. You’re surprised to have another long weekend to travel around America so soon! When you arrive in the southern United States in search of warmer weather, ...
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You’ve never been to a dentist in an English-speaking country, so you ask your friend in English, “What can I expect when I go to the dentist’s office?” Your friend replies in English, “Oh, it’s no big deal, really. I actually prefer to go to the dentist [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! When you find out that next weekend is Labor Day in the United States, you make plans to go out of town. When you tell your American hosts about your plans to go away, they insist that you stay: they have a lot planned! You explain in [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You’re trying to figure out where to go on vacation, and your friends are debating whether to go to the United States with you. They tell you in English, “So many people only speak English in America. It will be hard for us to get around.” You [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! Your American cousin excitedly tells you it’s the fourth of July. Confused, you respond in English that you didn’t ask for the date. He explains that this day is very important to Americans, and he’ll be sure to show you how it’s celebrated later in the day [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! You’re feeling a bit shaggy and you have a job interview tomorrow, so you decide it’s time for a haircut. When you find a salon, you approach the receptionist and ask in English, “I’m here for a haircut.” The receptionist sizes you up and asks you in [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! When you answer a knock at the door door, you’re greeted by children dressed up as ghosts. Instead of trying to scare you, they exclaim “Trick or treat!” in English. You aren’t sure what this means, but your host family comes to the rescue, handing each child [...]
Learn English with EnglishPod101.com! When you walk into the doctor’s office, you tell the receptionist in English that you are having sharp pains in your neck, and you are dying to get this appointment with so you can get back to work. After you sit, you hear the nurse call every [...]
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