ESPN Radio: Thundering Herd: Episodes

Colin Cowherd presents Fisch's football picks for this weekend and talks NFL with Sal Paolantonio.
Colin Cowherd reacts to the Yankees' World Series win, rate this week's NFL games and chats with Charles Barkley and Michelle Beadle.
Colin Cowherd discusses confrontations and NBA referees. He also chats with Bryant McKinnie of the Vikings and Michelle Beadle.
Colin Cowherd shares a story about an uncomfortable work experience and hears from the listeners about the Yankees' Game 5 loss.
Colin Cowherd reacts to all this weekend's football action and chats about Alex Rodriguez with Michelle Beadle.
Colin Cowherd shares his thoughts on the World Series, instant replay, Alex Rodriguez and milk. Plus, Fisch shares his picks for the weekend.
Colin Cowherd explains why the Yankees are in trouble after losing Game 1 of the World Series and talks football with Peter King.
Colin Cowherd examines which sports teams he would cut from their respective leagues and chats with Bill Simmons and Michelle Beadle.
Colin Cowherd discusses Mark McGwire's return to baseball, airplanes and the World Series. Plus, Chris Mortensen talks about some of the bad teams in the NFL.
Colin Cowherd says the best teams just keep getting better and talks about first impressions in sports and life. Plus, he chats with Trent Dilfer, David Stern and Michelle Beadle.
Colin Cowherd makes his weekly football picks and chats with Kirk Herbstreit and Vince Vaughn.
Colin Cowherd examines what's next for the Dodgers and talks football with Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth and Cowboys TE Jason Witten.
Colin Cowherd wonders why we can't use instant replay more in baseball and talks about Jeff Fisher wearing a Peyton Manning jersey with Herm Edwards.
Colin Cowherd expalins why we shouldn't criticize Joe Girardi for his moves in the Yankees' Game 3 loss and chats with Tim Kurkjian, Urban Meyer and Michelle Beadle.
Colin Cowherd explains how difficult travel is in sports and says the Phillies deserve a ton of credit for playing so well this postseason. Plus, Trent Dilfer and Michelle Beadle join the show.
Colin Cowherd explores Joe Torre's decision to leave Clayton Kershaw in the game during a troublesome fifth inning of Game 1 and makes his football picks. Plus, he chats with Sal Paolantonio.
Colin Cowherd reacts to Rush Limbaugh's failed bid to buy the Rams and chats with Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, Joe Buck and Colts TE Dallas Clark. Plus, the Football Fix.
Colin Cowherd compares college football fans to NFL fans and chats with Chone Figgins, Beano Cook and Adam Schefter.
Colin Cowherd discusses the Wildcat offense and Braylon Edwards' big Jets debut. He also talks with Vikings RB Adrian Peterson.
Colin Cowherd reacts to the Broncos and Josh McDaniels beating the Patriots. He's joined by Trent Dilfer, Peter Gammons, Barry Levinson and Don Shula.
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