Dude Gamer - Halo and Video Game News. (mp3): Episodes

OUYA Quad-Core Console, How to Get Ready for Halo 4, Halo Legends Figures 'Package', Halo 4 Match Playlists, Halo 4 Intensafire Controllers, Forge Mode = Minecraft, Video Games are Destroying Guys, EA's Medal of Honor Warfighter, Baldur's Gate Enhanced
STEAM Summer Sale, OUYA Console, Halo 4 SDCC 2012, Forward Unto Dawn, Halo 4 Console, Halo 2 Anniversary, Battlefield 4, GI Joe Attack on Cobra Island, $1.2 Million Dollar Game Collection Sold
Dawnguard, Nintendo 3DS XL, Halo 4 at Comic-Con 2012, Microsoft Expertzone Reveals Halo 4, Forerunner Enemies, Halo 4 Limited Edition?, Warframe, ME3 DLC, Xbox 360 Pricing
Dude's Thoughts on E3 and Games of E3, Unreal Engine 4, Halo 4 Summary, Method Studios Video Effects, MLG Pro's Halo 4 Opinions, Halo 4 and Smart Glass, Halo 4 Tea Bagging, Dude's Special Guest talks PROMETHEUS and MASS EFFECT
Dude's 2012 - E3 Insights, Doom 3 BFG Edition, Halo 4 Limited Edition, Halo 4 Pre-order Bonuses, Halo UNSC on the BBC, Halo 4 Armor Abilities and Tactical Packages, Halo 4 Rail Gun, Bungie Game Revealed, New Star Wars Game, SKYRIM Mounted Combat
DIABLO 3 Launch / Specs. / Classes, Kerbal Space Program, Halo 4 Almost Done, Frank O'Connor's Halo Franchise Strategy, 343 Industries Defends Covenant's New Look, Halo 4 Driving Xbox Rumors, Halo 4 New Enemies (spoiler), New Halo Books, Halo 4 vs. Black Ops 2, Elder Scrolls MMO
Avengers Movie, IMAX 3D Experience, Prometheus News, Peter Wayland & M-Theory, Live Action Halo 4 Web Series, Halo Preview Article, Halo 4 Development, 343 Industries Relieves Multiplayer Fears, Halo MMO and Ensemble Studios, Crysis 3, NVIDIA Monster Graphics Card, Dishonored
Mobile Graphics to Surpass Xbox 360, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Avengers Movie, Halo 4 Release Date, 343 Industries Under Pressure, Halo 4 Music Revealed, Spartan Ops, Halo Movie Sabotaged, Black Ops 2, Half Life 3
Legend of Grimrock, Next Xbox Rumors, Halo 4 Campaign and Multiplayer Details, Spartan Ops, Halo Infinity, Lego Halo Shotgun, Halo 4 Most Anticipated Game, Wii U Costs, GTA 5 Release Date, Kick Starter Games, Shadowrun Returns, Steam Box
Prometheus Movie Update, Halo 4 Darker and more Mature, Halo 4 in Trouble?, Halo Reboot, California Interferes in Game Industry, Diablo 3, Baldurs Gate, Elder Scrolls Dawnguard, Dust 514
The Dictator, The Jimquisition, New Halo 4 announcements, Master Chief as John, Halo 4 best looking game?, 343i say Xbox out of Power, Maybe no Halo 4 beta, Bungie founder worried, Halo MLG, Halo Reach updates, Valve console, Doom 4, PS4 CPU rumors, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, Birds of Steel, Iran may ...
Dude's playing SWTOR, Halo 4 at X12, 343 Industies captures weapon audio, Master Chief's new look, Halo Helljumper, Halo 5 Rumors, Gamers pissed about Mass Effect 3 DLC, PS4 graphics chip, MOH Warfighter, PS Vita, Games good for eyesight
Halo 4 maybe unveiled soon, Master Chief vs. Leonidas of Sparta, Bungie hands over last Halo data, Halo 4 bots, Kinect Star Wars, Medal of Honor 2, Microsoft Flight, Gears of War Gavin talks Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3
Dude's Playing Halo CEA, Todd McFarlane Halo 4 Figures, Fake Halo 4 Beta, Clicktohump.com, Video Game Addict, Tons of Next Xbox Rumors, Ghost Recon, Resident Evil 6
Dude Gamer is on YouTube, Huge Games of 2012, New Halo 4 Concept Art, Halo Pro Gamer, Halo 4 Multiplatform?, Bethesda wins Lawsuit, Bell Helicopters pissed at BF3, Iran sentences Game Dev to Death
Modern Warfare 3 makes a billion, Mass Effect 3, Halo Waypoint app, Master Chief's a dick, Will the Flood return to Halo?, South Park RPG, Star Wars The Old Republic servers melt down
Xbox 720, Computer power perspective, Grand Theft Auto V, New Halo 4 details, Halo: Out With a Whimper, Alec Baldwin kicked off plane, Games violate the Geneva convention, Vietnamese FPS 7554
SKYRIM owns your life, Dude talks MW3, PROMETHEUS movie update, Ars Technica game giveaway, Halo Helljumper movie, Officials Attack video game industry, Hive Mind announced, WOW in decline due to Star Wars, Parents Guide to buying video games
Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM, Dude's Alienware Unboxing, Halo's Anniversary, Halo Anniversary Review Scores, Halo 4, SKYRIM and MW3 make Millions, Next Gen Console Rumors
Dude's playing Battlefield 3, Halo Anniversary Trailer, Games of November, Halo CEA preorders kicking Ass, Halo Lego Sniper Rifle, Aliens Colonial Marines, Saints Row The Third, Dude visits NASA
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