Dude Gamer - Halo, Destiny, and Video Game News. (mp3): Episodes

SIM CITY Fiasco, Shroud of the AVATAR: Forsaken Virtues, Halo 5 Raises the bar for Bungie, Halo 4 Team Action Sack Playlists, Red Bull Halo Team vs. Army Gamers, Halo Ford F-150 Raptor Truck, Shadowrun Returns
Everything PlayStation 4, MAJESTIC Map Pack, Halo 4 Hacked, STAR WARS Pinball, Next-Gen Used Games, Next Consoles Much More Powerful?, Aliens Colonial Marines Controversy
Dude's Insight into DESTINY, A Scathing Halo 4 Review, 343 Industries Identity Crisis, Halo 4 Updates and Spartan Ops, Gears of War: Judgement Leaked, Watch Dogs
Guest - Gears of War Gavin talks Halo 4, J.J. Abrams and Valve, Console Rumors, The Flood, No Halo 3 PC, Halo 4 out of MLG, A Real Warthog, Dead Space 3
SKYRIM with Dude, Aliens Colonial Marines, PS 4 Specs.?, Halo 2 PC Servers Shut Down, Halo in Decline?, The Elder Scrolls Online, DUST 514
CES 2013, Microsoft and Sony Worried, Halo 5 Will Be Better, Halo Hollow Point Bullets, XBOX Illumiroom Concept, Geek Movies of 2013.
PlanetSide 2, Video Games 10 Years into the Future, Halo 4 Infinity Challenge, Headless Halo Cheaters, Metroid Prime and Halo 4, The Hobbit, Games Dude wants in 2013.
Battlefield 4, STEAM Big Picture Mode, STAR WARS Franchise, Halo 4 International Tournament, Crimson Map Pack, DESTINY, Far Cry 3, Star Citizen
THE NEXT XBOX, Oculus Rift VR 3D Glasses, Halo 5, Halo 4 vs. Black Ops 2 Sales, Halo 4 Tips and Tricks, Bungie's Destiny, Thoughts about the Wii U, GTA 5 PC?
Dude's Halo 4 Review, Bungie Claims Xbox Live, Is Halo 4 Safe for Kids?, Daniel Cudmore as Master Chief, 343 Industries Cracks Down on Sexism, Black Ops II, Nintendo Wii U
THE FRANKENSTORM HALLOWEEN PODCAST, Horror Games of Halloween, Forward Unto Dawn, Windows 8 Gaming, Halo 4 Most Expensive Game Ever, Halo 4 Leaked, War Games Pass, Xbox Vs. PC Gaming
XBOX Security Tightens, Watch Pres. Debates to Get FREE Halo 4 Armor, The MANTIS Tank, Doritos/Dew Teaming Up with Halo, Halo 4 Look Amazing?, Special Guests Halo Nerds & Gears of War Gavin
Gamer Population Drops, Dude Talks Nintendo Wii U, Halo 4 99% Complete, Frank O'Connor Compares Halo 4 to Call of Duty, Halo 4 Promethean Enemy Classes, The Covenant Returns in Halo 4, Flood Mode!, FIFA 13, Gaming Headsets
Dude Talks Nexus 7 Gaming, Halo 4 Spartan Ops, FOTUS Armor, Halo 4 Specializations Breakdown, Voice of Master Chief wants him Dead, Halo Movie Buzz, GTA 5 Getting Closer, 4K HDTV Resolution, The Borderlands
OUYA Quad-Core Console, How to Get Ready for Halo 4, Halo Legends Figures 'Package', Halo 4 Match Playlists, Halo 4 Intensafire Controllers, Forge Mode = Minecraft, Video Games are Destroying Guys, EA's Medal of Honor Warfighter, Baldur's Gate Enhanced
STEAM Summer Sale, OUYA Console, Halo 4 SDCC 2012, Forward Unto Dawn, Halo 4 Console, Halo 2 Anniversary, Battlefield 4, GI Joe Attack on Cobra Island, $1.2 Million Dollar Game Collection Sold
Dawnguard, Nintendo 3DS XL, Halo 4 at Comic-Con 2012, Microsoft Expertzone Reveals Halo 4, Forerunner Enemies, Halo 4 Limited Edition?, Warframe, ME3 DLC, Xbox 360 Pricing
Dude's Thoughts on E3 and Games of E3, Unreal Engine 4, Halo 4 Summary, Method Studios Video Effects, MLG Pro's Halo 4 Opinions, Halo 4 and Smart Glass, Halo 4 Tea Bagging, Dude's Special Guest talks PROMETHEUS and MASS EFFECT
Dude's 2012 - E3 Insights, Doom 3 BFG Edition, Halo 4 Limited Edition, Halo 4 Pre-order Bonuses, Halo UNSC on the BBC, Halo 4 Armor Abilities and Tactical Packages, Halo 4 Rail Gun, Bungie Game Revealed, New Star Wars Game, SKYRIM Mounted Combat
DIABLO 3 Launch / Specs. / Classes, Kerbal Space Program, Halo 4 Almost Done, Frank O'Connor's Halo Franchise Strategy, 343 Industries Defends Covenant's New Look, Halo 4 Driving Xbox Rumors, Halo 4 New Enemies (spoiler), New Halo Books, Halo 4 vs. Black Ops 2, Elder Scrolls MMO
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