Drinking In The Morning with Aaron and Grant: Episodes

A smorgasbord of topics ranging from music theory to sewing. We also disclose some controversial DRINKY LEAKS. And an action-packed episode of THE FASCIST RIDER to top things off!
We take viewer submissions and talk about catfish and bees. We also teach you how to love us better. In the Fascist Rider, Felix confronts Igor and Ismael reveals his love for an outspoken spitfire.
A subdued, drizzly and retrospective evening after Thanksgiving. The world debut of our radio serial: THE FASCIST RIDER!
We visit The Tobacco Merchant, The Whig, Sonic and Thirsty Fellows and talk about cigars, our shame, meatballs and cartoons from the early ’00′s.
Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, we bring you podcasting – Aaron and Grant style! Join us as we go podcasting, pig out on fast food and interview whomever we happen to cross paths with along the way! In our inaugural episode we visit the Whig, Taco Bell and Art Bar during downtown’s ...
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