Dr. David Brodbeck's Psychology Lectures from Algoma University: Episodes

<p>Wrapping up the history, hitting up the brains.</p>

<p>Music "She" by Tenpenny Joke</p>

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<p>We are still reviewing the old stuff…..</p>

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<p>This is the first time i have podcast this class. It is a course on Contemporary Theory in Psychology. We (the fourth year students and I) sit around twice a week and discuss articles. The first article, on on social cognitive neuroscience, can be downloaded in pdf form by clicking here. Let me know ...
<p>Soon it will get interesting, but at this point we are still doing the background stuff…</p>

<p>Music \”Always Been Me\” by Startelfish</p>

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<p>And now, let us speak of old dead white guys…</p>

<p>Music “Tears of Terror” by CCA</p>

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<p>Much of this stuff was done in Psychology 2606 last term.</p>

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<p>The start of exploratory data analysis</p>

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<p>History of memory, or the memory of history, or some intro thoughts…</p>

<p>Music “Saturday Night” by Angst for the Memories</p>

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<p>Ahh another year of learning about brains, well not yet anyway....</p>

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<p>The end of thinking, well like in the class, I would prefer you keep thinking…</p>

<p>This is the last lecturecast of the term. Next term I will be teaching Design and Analysis (3256), Neuropsych 2617, Memory 3717 and Contemporary Theory 4007. I will podcast the first three, not sure about 4007.</p>

<p>Have ...
<p>Putting it all together</p>

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<p>The end of comparative cogntiion, indeed the end of the class…</p>

<p>Music “Just Becuase” by One Shot Left</p>

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<p>Now it gets cool…. So which animal is the smartest? Plus a little reminisence of grad school under the supervision of Sara Shettleworth.</p>

<p>Music “October” by Sinking Spells</p>

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<p>V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, blobs, interblobs, cool... Complicated but cool, the human visual cortex</p>

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<p>Stimulus control, discrimination, generalization, concept learning, hey, maybe this stuff is interesting...</p>

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From the psychology department at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, here's Dave Brodbeck. Courses this term BIOL/PSYC 2606 Brian and Behaviour and PSYC 3106 Animal Behaviour
<p>Oh and a little bit of development at the beginning. I made a silly mistake in the lecture, to be clear, the shorter the wavelength, the closer to violet the light is, just to be clear.</p>

<p>Music "Surfin' Tune" by Shitzoo </p>

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<p>The unfolding of the genotype to become the pheontype...</p>

<p> Music "Caught Red Handed" by FREaKS</p>

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<p>A short discussion on hormones and an introduction to neural development. It is November 11, please remember those that died fighting so you could be a free person today.</p>

<p>Muisc “A Step Behind” by Toys on a Shelf</p>

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<p>Instrumental Conditioning part 2, I actually yawn during this one…</p>

<p>Music “October” by Sinking Spells</p>

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