DivineCaroline's The 4-way: Episodes

This month: Can a short woman and a tall man have sex comfortably? Listen to find out what the 4-Way thinks.
This month an eighteen-year old student asks the 4-Way if it’s okay to be in love with his thirty-four-year old teacher.
This month a woman hates the site of her boyfriend’s uncircumcised penis.
This month a woman has trouble getting enthusiastic about dating again after ending a twenty-year relationship.
This month a woman wants to know what it takes to get her girlfriend to make some noise when they have sex.
This month the 4-Way advises a woman who finds out that her boyfriend of two years has posted himself as single on a dating Web site known for soliciting three-ways.
This month a woman struggles with her strong feelings for an old flame who reenters her life seven months before her wedding to another man.
This month: Do you have to have an emotional attachment? Or is it okay to just mindlessly screw for fun? The 4-Way weighs in
This month the 4-Way advises a woman who feels uncomfortable after her boyfriend tells her that he loves her, but she has no desire to say it back.
This month the 4-Way discusses whether attraction to only Asian women is a fetish or merely a preference.
This month The 4-Way breaks down how a woman should deal with her boyfriend’s jealousy over having slept with a man who is now her friend.
This month The 4-Way discusses whether or not a woman should ask out her flirty gynecologist.
This month on The 4-Way a listener asks if it’s rude to end a blind date quickly when she knows there’s no chemistry. The 4-Way weighs in.
This month on The 4-Way: A woman tries to walk the line between friendship and Rebound Girl with a newly single man who’s caught her eye. The 4-Way offers some suggestions.
This month on The 4-Way: A thirty-something woman asks "who pays on a date?" The 4-Way sounds off about whether it’s the asker, the askee, or both.
This month The 4-Way offers some options to a woman dealing with her new girlfriend’s jealous friend.
This month The 4-Way chats about a woman who feels uncomfortable—but obligated—to participate in a 3-Way.
This month The 4-Way discusses strategies to help a hesitant woman take her relationship with a single father to the next level.
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