Dilbert Animated Cartoons: Episodes

<p>The Boss informs Dilbert there are others who want his job</p>
<p>The Boss seeks Catbert's advice</p>
<p>Dilbert and Wally read the company press release</p>
<p>The Boss wants the full technical explanation</p>
<p>The team will need to rely on guessing</p>
<p>Dilbert is in need of clarification</p>
<p>The Boss questions Wally's project</p>
<p>Wally keeps his Powerpoint presentation interesting</p>
<p>The Boss and Catbert come to an agreement</p>
<p>The Boss negotiates a price reduction</p>
<p>The company no longer provides beverages</p>
<p>The Boss gives Dilbert a top priority task</p>
<p>Dilbert seeks training</p>
<p>The Boss considers writing a book</p>
<p>The Boss's marketing scheme</p>
<p>Dilbert offers the Boss two explanations</p>
<p>Dilbert's pitches his project</p>
<p>Dilbert has a really bad day</p>
<p>The Boss expects changes</p>
<p>The Boss has a revealing session with his therapist</p>
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