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Authors of The Filter Bubble and The Net Delusion debate web filtering; Results from the listener web personalisation experiment; Progress with fully Arabic domain names in Egypt
Virtual Futures; World IPv6 Day; COMPUTEX Taipie Expo
Internet access: a human right?; Fish crowdsourcing on Facebook; E3 highlights
Survival in the digital age; The most human human; Jonathan Kent: Hack in The Box Amsterdam
eLearning Africa; Laura Sheeter: Protei; Dan Simmons: Future Tech
South Korea's real name online policy; David Bond tries to go anonymous in his film Erasing David; How to hide your tracks with Tor
Microsoft buys Skype; Drew Hemment on FutureEverything; Jeff Hall unlocks his disability with technology
Slovak pay wall; Nigeria: Exams in the Cloud; James Gleick's The Information
iPhone tracking; Zenrobotics; Laurie Anderson
Andrew Keen and Jeff Jarvis debate privacy and publicness in the digital age; a new tool helps patients control their own medical records
First Orbit: film of Yuri Gagarin in space; NASA Tweetups; Skype Play
Crowdsourcing Japan’s radiation levels; Microsoft/Google antitrust; Indigenous tweets
UN Disaster 2.0 report; Karl Willis: fabricate yourself; Spencer Kelly on Click TV; Andy October tribute
Jindo Bridge network: Wireless monitoring; Cindy Sui: Disaster notification app; Vishva Samani two-way: Anusaaraka translation; Brian Greene: Hidden Universe
Gareth Mitchell at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival asks whether openness is killing creativity.
Libya; iPad2; Click: guide to essential streaming; B-Keeper; Geek Nation
Craig Mundie on Microsoft's Kinect; Ban Call of Juarez; Gaming in Malaysia; 3D Bio-printing; ConvergeUS with Rey Ramsey
Hacking off-the-shelf devices; Mukurtu – digital sharing for indigenous communities; Google's Amit Singhal; Bristol's B-Open project
Mobile World Congress; Erik Hersman and Kenya's iHub; Inception's special FX; listeners' responses to Digital Planet's Openness series
Cyber wars rules of engagement; Tracey Logan's computer music; F15 combat jet simulation; Twitter dialect research
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