Click: Episodes

A Harvard professor alleges bias in the delivery of Google Ads; The art of gesture control at your fingertips; The exoskeleton to help a paralysed person walk again
At the start of the World Service's "What if" season Click invites robots and roboticists to the BBC's Radio Theatre to imagine a world in which robots and humans sat down together
Crowd-sourced Roboy, the boy robot gets his arms, legs and head; Developing the braille smart phone; The future of bendy, flexible phones
Click reflects on the work of the computing entrepreneur Aaron Swartz; Can mobile phones prevent women in India being attacked? A report on the work to rebuild the pioneering 1940s computer, EDSAC
A report from the trade show CES on 4K high definition TVs and wearable gadgets; News on the rise of cyber begging; How to convert MP3 files into vinyl records
How would you like to be remembered digitally?; Logging your life with new technologies
Technology experts plan to undermine cybercriminals; Scanning ears as a security measure at airports; Taking the hype out of cyber warfare
How can technology help to prevent violence in next year’s elections in Kenya; The app that lets you view your book like a film; Cyber security experts in Dublin plan to defeat the criminals
The art and science behind synthesised voice technology; A report on how to put emotion into artificial voices; Controlling devices with a wave of the hand
Citizen journalists take to the Twittersphere in Sierra Leone; News of the rise and rise of Kickstarter; Behind the scenes workings of Batman at SIGGRAPH Asia
Internet Society in Doha; Cold case Mummy; Thought control cursors
WITCH Computer; Smart highway; Twitter Fiction Festival
Ed McNierney: OLPC; Jason Lopes: Iron Man II 3D Printing; David McGloin: Dundee HoloHands
US electronic voting; IGF from Baku; XX Game Jam
DEMO Africa; 3D model of a foetus; Memoto: non-stop camera
3D Printshow; Malaysia's internet law; Detecting cyber bullying
Robots and Avatars, Slovenia; Iamus: Hello World; Analysis Wall
Taiwanese email entrapment; Brian Eno’s Scape; Instant mapping for firefighters
CEATEC technology trade show in Japan; Odysseys; Computer Sound FX
Is full-connectivity with the digital world the ideal or should we be only partially connected; and remain in some way semi-detached from the digital tools readily available to us?
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