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A report on British government plans to monitor emails and social networks; Brains Exhibition and Axon; Camera sees around the corner
CDAC; Bell Bajao
Haptic App for visually impaired; Cartoon Movie; SoKap rethinking crowdfunding
A special edition of Click from the South by Southwest Festival in the USA
Adopt a Revolution; SuperCollider; the Archive team
Mobile World Congress; Nigel Shadbolt: Open data; Rebuilding Christchurch
Single-atom transistor; Kenya Chief on Twitter; Dildonics
World Radio Day special: FrontlineSMS; Lifeplayer MP3; Airtime
The Way-C "African" tablet; Safer Internet Day; Psychometrics of Social Network Sites
Kabul Innovation Lab; Designing pavements for wheelchairs; The Sparse Fast Fourier Transform
Iran’s ‘Halal’ Internet, the REUNITE project to aid the location of lost people in crises, and the BBC’s poll on mobile technology
The highlights from CES; Update on Hole-in-the-Wall project; a Moving masterpiece
Technology and art at the BBC Radio Theatre in London
Calestous Juma: Africa broadband; Smart cities
Jonathan Zittrain: Better Data for a Better Internet; Uganda solar powered computers; Jal-Chitra drought-proofing
How to spot doctored photos; Checking fake drugs with mobile phones
Russia election; Free Ride; Rhythm of Change
Video games and violence; Angelica Ortiz de Gortari response on games; Robotville EU
Future computing: sustainable or not; Abby D’Arcy: Android Theatre; SIERRA: Robot fire fighter
EU and copyright; MediaMined sound search; eButton for losing weight
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