Click: Episodes

The art and science behind synthesised voice technology; A report on how to put emotion into artificial voices; Controlling devices with a wave of the hand
Citizen journalists take to the Twittersphere in Sierra Leone; News of the rise and rise of Kickstarter; Behind the scenes workings of Batman at SIGGRAPH Asia
Internet Society in Doha; Cold case Mummy; Thought control cursors
WITCH Computer; Smart highway; Twitter Fiction Festival
Ed McNierney: OLPC; Jason Lopes: Iron Man II 3D Printing; David McGloin: Dundee HoloHands
US electronic voting; IGF from Baku; XX Game Jam
DEMO Africa; 3D model of a foetus; Memoto: non-stop camera
3D Printshow; Malaysia's internet law; Detecting cyber bullying
Robots and Avatars, Slovenia; Iamus: Hello World; Analysis Wall
Taiwanese email entrapment; Brian Eno’s Scape; Instant mapping for firefighters
CEATEC technology trade show in Japan; Odysseys; Computer Sound FX
Is full-connectivity with the digital world the ideal or should we be only partially connected; and remain in some way semi-detached from the digital tools readily available to us?
Berlin's IFA Trade Fair
Sir Tim Berners-Lee web index; Conversational Internet for the blind; Greenway
Special edition on music and technology
What’s the point of Geeks and how much does technology contribute to science? Click travels to Cambridge University where Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson investigate the Cambridge Geek Night.
Gareth Mitchell looks at the technology behind the Paralympics and visits a German factory where carbon fibre running blades are produced.
Crystal: London Olympics; SIGGRAPH 2012; Parkinson’s Voice Initiative
Daily Diary; FlashFood; IM Blanky
GT3D eye tracker; You are where you email; Tales from the Bridge
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