Click: Episodes

Click reveals how twelve day long traffic jams or arriving at foreign destinations to find all of the hotels fully booked, will be things of the past courtesy of digital technology
How farmers in remote parts of New Zealand gain wifi connectivity via hot air balloons; Autonomous robots are on the move in England; The app that helps you avoid other people
Click looks out how the developments in Google mapping and travel Apps have influenced travel and tourism. Does the ease of locating destinations and places of interest make for a richer experience for tourists?
How the Operations Centre in Rio de Janeiro switched to crisis mode during the recent disturbances in the city; A report from Frankfurt on smart networked cars of the future
How technology might have helped relieve the traffic jam in Beijing that went on for twelve days. Click reports on letting technology take the strain out of commuting
Sao Paulo, with a population of 11 million, is renowned for traffic jams that can be over 200 km. Can technology help to break the gridlock? A report from the New Cities Summit
Gareth Mitchell reports from the Venice Biennale; and hears how artists are using digital tools to make art; and illustrating the world’s technological advances through their ar.t
The BBC unveils its Perceptive Radio; how to take a 3D image without a camera; and the app that lets you text and walk without accident.
Gareth Mitchell investigates our desire to switch to auto-pilot. How close are we to letting the vehicle take all of the strain – to a future where, through clever computing, the fully automated vehicle takes over responsibility for getting the driver to his or her destination?
Ushahidi’s Juliana Rotich discusses the brick-like device that aims to keep Africa connected; the music composed by your movements; and the art of visualising deathly drones.
Lasers quicker on the drawn than 3 D printing; Brian Eno creates music and visual art in hospitals; Teju Cole champions tweets as literature.
At the start of a special six part series on travel and transport, Click road tests some new technologies in South Korea and the Netherlands that aim to improve our lives.
An Icelandic app to discover how close you are related; The CarePair app helping people with disabilities; Animating the conflict in Algeria fifty years on
Gareth Mitchell steps inside the 3-D printer that will print a house; Colin Grant takes a virtual singing lesson courtesy of York Minster; Just how smart is the smart city of Songdo
An emergency bracelet for activists working in danger zones; A virtual talking head which can express a range of human emotions; A linguistic celebration of the Digital World
How South Korean children learn to build and programme robots; The geekettes in Berlin hacking for themselves; A hackers guide to the galaxy
Gareth Mitchell at the BBC Science Africa Festival in Uganda looks at new and old technologies changing African food production
An interactive documentary series charts the fear and thrill of high-rise life; Flickr's plans for your digital data in enhancing the photographic experience; Robots assemble in Zurich?
A special report from the SXSW Interactive Festival
Are passwords defunct and if so how to secure online authentication?
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