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MSF harness the knowledge of volunteers to help map crisis areas; Hungarian protests are credited with postponing the Internet tax; Stefania Druga discusses harnessing the creative power of children; A reports on plans to launch a 3D printed rocket, Vulture 2
Can open data enable all of us to become artists? Click debates the evolution of open data
The highs and lows of the Information Age explored at London’s Science Museum.
The co-founder of Ethiopia’s Zone 9 bloggers argues for their release from jai
Techcon: how radio thrives in a digital and visual age; Digitalised slave narratives from Jamaica and USA; smart street lights in Copenhagen; Digital art on The Space.
Hong Kong protestors beware digital pitfalls; Behind the scenes with Katerina Cizek for A Short History of the Highrise; Heidi Hinder's plan to put touch back into monetary transactions; Gareth Mitchell volunteers to be smacked in the face for a Slo Mo YouTube film
The actor, writer and technophile Stephen Fry describes how tech fundamentally changes his life; A report on how translation has evolved –is it a threat to professional translators?; Abby D’Arcy reports on the latest tech advances at Berlin's IFA show; Stephen Fry describes the highs and lows of ...
Are you feeling safe online? Sara Brody Sinclair has a plan to ensure that you are; Researchers adapt emotion recognition tools for use with Google Glass; A report on how satellite surveys enable herders to insure cattle in the desert; Sony researchers demonstrate how computers may make us more creative
A report from the Brighton Digital Festival focuses on digital archaeologists, artists who make and interact with robots, and a composer who uses a lap top as a musical instrument
Click investigates triumphs and pitfalls of the digital age at the dConstruct Conference
Is India's Prime Minister spurning mainstream media for an easier time on social media?; Medical students learn how to operate virtually; The deaf choreographer who is visualising music
How to build a superfast internet and conserve energy too; An app enabling blind people to better use touchscreens; Jamie Bartlett discusses what lurks behind the dark net; Building a Saudi smart city from scratch
Tolu Ogunlesi reports on how social networks help and hinder the fight against Ebola; Rohan Paul demonstrates a smart cane for people with visual impairment; Jonathan Leach discusses the development of a camera that can see around corners; A report on how Wikipedia aims to help preserve minority languages
Yasamin Mostofi discusses how robots use WiFi technology to see through brick walls; Elizabeth Marincola argues for scholarly articles to be made accessible to the public; Tobias Lutzi on the perils of editing Wikipedia; Olaf Diegel demonstrates the world's first 3D-printed saxophone
BRCK, a router which copes with variable signals and intermittent electricity is released; Winners of Google's competition to fund technology development for UK charities; Spain's new 'Google tax' will charge websites like Google that link to news content; Drones to locate missing people via their mobile phones
A device to circumvent poor connectivity for mobiles; Google's cardboard challenges virtual reality goggles; Drones to repair aeroplanes; Cory Arcangel completes his twitter novel
A tool to validate videos purporting to show human rights abuses; Proposed Bitcoin regulation; Inclusive games for people with disabilities; Zuzanna Stanska and apps to enhance museum going
A special report from NIME, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, on the latest developments in electronic music with leading practitioners including, Laetitia Sonami
Why Facebook is in the dock over research into mood manipulation; Tanya O'Carroll discusses Amnesty's panic button for human rights activists; Simon Morton reports on the video game to help stroke recovery; Dennis Wingo explains how a team of space cowboys aim to reboot the explorer, ISEE–3
ICANN's plans for the future of domain names and policing the internet; Jonathan Kent reports on DIY digital spy kits; How NextDrop might help distribute water; Rich Preston reports on how LiFi is taking on Wifi using light to connect to the internet
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