Click: Episodes

Goggle defends its stance on the right to be forgotten; MSF drones to the rescue; Digital spin on the Slave's Lament; The science of deconstructing music hits
The highlights from the Venice Biennale which this year puts the USA secret services under scrutiny
Facebook's opens Internet.org to all developers; Rebuilding Vanuatu with the help of smartphones; Kenyan app that aims to combat terrorism; Using Cloud Server power to heat homes; Gauge: composing with water
The mapping volunteers helping to pinpoint areas of need after the earthquake in Nepal; New technology that offers to help people with paralysis and others who are wheelchair bound; A multi-part web series based around privacy, surveillance and the economy of the web; A film by Robin Hauser Reynolds ...
Internet.org in India; The Perils of Blogging; Safe Landing for Drones; Moore's Law 50 Years On
Digital Fictional Life-coach; Robot on a rein; Coding and companies
Open data challenge; Future Crime; GPS tracks dementia
Does Space exploration benefit or suffer from the input of volunteers and Citizen Science?
Worries over digital dolls spying on children; Why fingerprints hold the key to secure health records in Bangladesh; Saving tigers with an app; A new device to teach coding in schools
What is the real hacking threat from groups such as Isis?; A report on an immersive experience of what the world might be like in decades to come; Anand Jagatia reports on the drive to slow down and personalise our written communication; Adebayo Adegbembo discusses how tech can preserve African cultures ...
Google reverses its threat to bloggers over sexually explicit material; Jen Copestake reports from the Mobile World Congress on customising modular phones; Viviana Doctorovich explores how women can break the digital glass ceiling; Ford unveils a prototype e-bike with extra sensors as warnings for cyclists ...
The special FX secrets behind the Oscar winning Interstellar; Smarter crowd control with the new developments in CCTV footage; A first-of-its-kind hackathon for Kickstarter and Citizen Cyberscience; Tech and our relationships with the ghostly networks and machines
Click deconstructs Eric Schmidt’s assertion that in the future the internet will disappear. Plus the UK’s Digital Democracy Commission’s report; India’s controversial digital ID scheme; The Sun Stands Still
A special report on how technology has influenced the evolution of democracy
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks what are the lessons about surveillance and tech?; A new app for survivors of Ebola helps tell their stories and provide hope other sufferers; A report on the Malaysian app that aims to clean up the streets and corruption; Alex Garland talks about the future of Artificial ...
Click's top tips for the New Year's tech resolutions; Portugal's mobile Wi-Fi network keeps commuters connected on the buses; Pocket Spacecraft crowd-sources space exploration project; 3D printing continues its inexorable rise – now in Paris
A special edition of Click from the BBC’s Radio Theatre charts the evolution of wearable technologies such as Google Glass, life-logging cameras and Sixth Sense gestural interfaces
Software to protect targeted human rights activists from online surveillance; Ben McNeil describes the new model for science research via crowdfunding; Mark Bosworth reports on Helsinki’s biggest ever tech event; A report on the winners of the latest Tony Sale computer conservation award
Using of cell phone positioning data to map the spread of Ebola; Vishva Samani reports on crowdsourcing disaster maps in the Philippines; How to make smart cities smarter and playable; Nir Eyal describes how to get hooked by and unhooked from tech
MSF harness the knowledge of volunteers to help map crisis areas; Hungarian protests are credited with postponing the Internet tax; Stefania Druga discusses harnessing the creative power of children; A reports on plans to launch a 3D printed rocket, Vulture 2
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