Click: Episodes

Worries over digital dolls spying on children; Why fingerprints hold the key to secure health records in Bangladesh; Saving tigers with an app; A new device to teach coding in schools
What is the real hacking threat from groups such as Isis?; A report on an immersive experience of what the world might be like in decades to come; Anand Jagatia reports on the drive to slow down and personalise our written communication; Adebayo Adegbembo discusses how tech can preserve African cultures ...
Google reverses its threat to bloggers over sexually explicit material; Jen Copestake reports from the Mobile World Congress on customising modular phones; Viviana Doctorovich explores how women can break the digital glass ceiling; Ford unveils a prototype e-bike with extra sensors as warnings for cyclists ...
The special FX secrets behind the Oscar winning Interstellar; Smarter crowd control with the new developments in CCTV footage; A first-of-its-kind hackathon for Kickstarter and Citizen Cyberscience; Tech and our relationships with the ghostly networks and machines
Click deconstructs Eric Schmidt’s assertion that in the future the internet will disappear. Plus the UK’s Digital Democracy Commission’s report; India’s controversial digital ID scheme; The Sun Stands Still
A special report on how technology has influenced the evolution of democracy
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks what are the lessons about surveillance and tech?; A new app for survivors of Ebola helps tell their stories and provide hope other sufferers; A report on the Malaysian app that aims to clean up the streets and corruption; Alex Garland talks about the future of Artificial ...
Click's top tips for the New Year's tech resolutions; Portugal's mobile Wi-Fi network keeps commuters connected on the buses; Pocket Spacecraft crowd-sources space exploration project; 3D printing continues its inexorable rise – now in Paris
A special edition of Click from the BBC’s Radio Theatre charts the evolution of wearable technologies such as Google Glass, life-logging cameras and Sixth Sense gestural interfaces
Software to protect targeted human rights activists from online surveillance; Ben McNeil describes the new model for science research via crowdfunding; Mark Bosworth reports on Helsinki’s biggest ever tech event; A report on the winners of the latest Tony Sale computer conservation award
Using of cell phone positioning data to map the spread of Ebola; Vishva Samani reports on crowdsourcing disaster maps in the Philippines; How to make smart cities smarter and playable; Nir Eyal describes how to get hooked by and unhooked from tech
MSF harness the knowledge of volunteers to help map crisis areas; Hungarian protests are credited with postponing the Internet tax; Stefania Druga discusses harnessing the creative power of children; A reports on plans to launch a 3D printed rocket, Vulture 2
Can open data enable all of us to become artists? Click debates the evolution of open data
The highs and lows of the Information Age explored at London’s Science Museum.
The co-founder of Ethiopia’s Zone 9 bloggers argues for their release from jai
Techcon: how radio thrives in a digital and visual age; Digitalised slave narratives from Jamaica and USA; smart street lights in Copenhagen; Digital art on The Space.
Hong Kong protestors beware digital pitfalls; Behind the scenes with Katerina Cizek for A Short History of the Highrise; Heidi Hinder's plan to put touch back into monetary transactions; Gareth Mitchell volunteers to be smacked in the face for a Slo Mo YouTube film
The actor, writer and technophile Stephen Fry describes how tech fundamentally changes his life; A report on how translation has evolved –is it a threat to professional translators?; Abby D’Arcy reports on the latest tech advances at Berlin's IFA show; Stephen Fry describes the highs and lows of ...
Are you feeling safe online? Sara Brody Sinclair has a plan to ensure that you are; Researchers adapt emotion recognition tools for use with Google Glass; A report on how satellite surveys enable herders to insure cattle in the desert; Sony researchers demonstrate how computers may make us more creative
A report from the Brighton Digital Festival focuses on digital archaeologists, artists who make and interact with robots, and a composer who uses a lap top as a musical instrument
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