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<h4 class="universalVideoTitle">Dialed In Ep. 218: The Final Episode</h4>
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<p>It's so hard to say goodbye...but ...
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<h4 class="universalVideoTitle">Dialed In #217: It's now or never for Windows Phone</h4>
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<p>First, the bad ...
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<h4 class="universalVideoTitle">Dialed In #216: All about ETFS (early termination fees)</h4>
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<p>Early-termination ...
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<h4 class="universalVideoTitle">Dialed In #215: The agony and ecstasy of Mike Daisey</h4>
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<p>Actor Mike Daisey's ...
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<h4 class="universalVideoTitle">Dialed In podcast #214: The iPad '3' shines a light on the iPhone '5' </h4>
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<p>Even ...
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<h4 class="universalVideoTitle">Dialed In #213: Wrapping up Mobile World Congress, not wires (podcast)</h4>
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<p>Now ...
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<h4 class="universalVideoTitle">Dialed In #212: Mobile World Congress madness begins</h4>
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Can't make ...
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<p>Do you hear that? It's the sound of our quickening heartbeats as we wait for smartphone after smartphone to show its glossy black face at Mobile World Congress next month. Join us as we take you on a tour of ...
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<p>It's Valentine's Day, which means it's time to share a little love.</p>

<p>There's some of that for the top two phones we reviewed this past week: the keyboard-crazy <a href="http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/motorola-droid-4-verizon/4505-6452_7-35118024.html">Motorola ...
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<p>This week's podcast is my first time ever hosting, so please excuse all the awkwardness as I get my sea legs going.</p>

<p>To compensate, I offer you a lively discussion about the new details surrounding Windows ...
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Looks like AT&T; just can't stop complaining about the FCC meddling in its business, but CNET mobile section editor Kent German just isn't having it.


We also discuss exactly how ...
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<p>At BlackBerry-maker RIM, it's out with the old and in with the new--at least as CEOs go.</p>

<p>Last night's news of Thorsten Heins' ascent at our favorite Canadian smartphone company got us thinking long and ...
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Between a new Motorola Droid, some slick Sony models, and a powerful punch from Windows Mobile, the Dialed In team was crazy with new phones at CES. Join us as we discuss the hits and misses from Las Vegas.<!--pagebreak-->

<p></p><br ...
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Dialed In #205: CES 2012 Preview

In this edition of Dialed In, we chat about what slick smartphones and other cool mobile gear we expect to see at the upcoming CES 2012 trade show in Las Vegas, from Android ...
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<p>There we were last week, minding our own business, when Verizon surprised us all by announcing it would release its Galaxy Nexus flagship phone the following day.</p>

<p>Well, we hopped to it and managed to ...
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Is HP's WebOS doomed to fail and destined to die a slow, unremarkable death? Yes! Sorry if you're one of the few still clinging to this irrelevant operating system, but its days are numbered. In this episode of ...
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<p>Who is Brian Bennett?
None other than CNET's newest cell phone editor! The New York-based Brian will share his expertise weekly on Dialed In. We also welcome another newcomer, the LG Nitro HD, which ...
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<p>With a thirst for intellectual skirmish and good-natured trash-talking, I rounded up two special guest hosts for this week's Dialed In: Antuan Goodwin, Android enthusiast and co-host of CNET's Android Atlas podcast; ...
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<p>Dialed In has reached another milestone--its 200th episode!--and that calls for a celebration, don'tcha think? We do, which is why we broke out the champagne, party hats, and noise makers.</p>

<p>Of course, ...
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<p>It's a sad day in the Dialed In studio, with our beloved Nicole announcing that she's leaving us to break new ground over at TWiT. Our hearts will go on, Celine Dione style, so make sure you watch to the end ...
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