119:52 mins
Episode: Lesbian Lounge - January 28, 2009 
rtl: TheLesbianLounge | 254 Episodes
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Denise blows a gasket over the Snuggie craze. Donna does a never-ending version of the news. The chat room is a full house. The girls discuss their weekend food adventure at “Tijuana Taxi Co.” and the new salad experience at “Tossed”. The Bar Tab features “The Cuke” as the Drink of the Week, which is a divine dinner drink for guests. The Cool Place to Hang is La Champmesle, one of the oldest lesbian bars in Paris. The Sites of the Week are www.SameSame.com.au and www.SapphicCentral.com. Special guest comedian Bridget McManus calls in to check up on the girls and offers them her futon on their next trip to L.A. The O-Yes Moment features basically Denise’s take on a new toy called Gigi by LELO, which she wants badly. The Fat Ass Food Review focuses on the dishes the girls had over the weekend with single, straight, Jewish BFF Bonnie, who calls in. The Lesbian Personals get held over for next week, as time runs out. Next week: actress Carly Pope of “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” and this season’s “24”, and comedian Renee Hicks.
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