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Discussion: North Carolina Bans Gay Marriage and Civil Unions, President Obama Supporting Gay Marriage, but leaves it up to the states. Also, all of your TV News- Shows renewed and cancelled, TV Premieres and Upcoming NEW TV shows. We play a round of “Par for the course”, This Day In Kristory, ...
Obama is too cool to be president? Pastor in NC advocates beating the gay out of young kids, Billy Graham takes out full page ad for amendment one, Vice President Biden is absolutely comfortable with same-sex marriage, Reality Bytes with Matt, Chris with the News, and TV News!

Host-Rob, Chris and Matt. ...
Featured Rock Band this week “Take Out”-@Takeoutband from Orlando, Florida

Discussion: This Day in Kristory, Reality Bytes, News with Chris, played a few games, and Bar & Band Review with Kris B.
Host-Rob, Kris B, Chris & Matt, Ray (Biscuit) – Special Guest: Donnie from Alabama.
Cast: Host-Rob, Kris B, Chris & Matt, Biscuit (Ray), Nina-Vacation.

Special Guest: Former Intern “Anthony” makes an appearance.
Cast: Host-Rob @robnnorl, Nina, Kris B, Chris & Matt, and Biscuit (Ray), with Special Guest Allison.

Discussion-Politics and such
Cast: Host-Rob, Nina, Kris B, Matt & Chris, Ray (Bisquit)
Cast discusses the Trayvon Martin case. Cast: Host-Rob, Nina, Kris B, Matt & Chris and Biscuit.
Back after a long break, it’s RawTalkLive. Cast: Host-Rob, Nina, Kris B, Chris and Matt and newest cast member: Ray (Bisquit).
Cast: Kris b, Matt and Chris with your host Rob.

Discussion: Rob and his Superbowl Party, Nina’s Top 10 reasons why you should drink, Current Events, Kris B and her Handcuffing, and more interesting topics.
Cast: Host-Rob, Kris B, Chris & Matt and Nina.

Discussion: Rob talked about his Surprise Birthday Party, Current News Events, Nina’s Top 10 ways to say “I’m Sorry”, This Day In Kristory, Chris and the News and Reality Roundup.
Cast: Host-Rob, Kris B, Chris & Matt, Nina.
Special Guest: Tom Woodard of Orlando’s Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Committee, discussed Orlando’s Domestic Partner Registry and addressed the controversy with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

Cast: Host-Rob, Kris B, Chris, Anthony and Nina
First show of 2012! -Cast: Rob, Chris & Matt
Last show of the year, Broadcasted at Barcodes in Orlando, Fl. Cast: Rob, Chris, Matt, Anthony and Kris B.

Special Guests: Guga, Eddie & William

Congratulations to all of the winners at Barcodes!
Discussed Upcoming 5th Annual GayInternetRadioLive.com DJ Contest, Upcoming Barcodes New Years Eve Broadcast. Kris B talks about her date (It involved a car, crashing into his garage and his son coming out of the house.) Discussed the Payroll Tax Cuts, President Obama’s accomplishments so far, and ...
Discussed: #HowardStern is now new judge on #AmericasGotTalent, Youtube video of the Arrests at #Jefferson Memorial for dancing, City Of Orlando passing Domestic Partner Registry, 2012 Globe Nominees and more.

News with Chris, This Day In Kristory and Reality Roundup
LIVE Broadcast from #Barcodes in Orlando, Fl.

Cast:Host-Rob, Kris B, Chris, Matt, Nina and Anthony

Congratulations to Nina for becoming our newest full time cast member of RTL.
RawTalkLive with your host: Rob, Kris B, Chris, Matt and Nina.

Discussions: Disappearance of Michelle Parker, an Orlando Mother of twins who recently appeared on The People’s Court with Ex Fiance and then mysteriously disappears, Kris B being extorted for money, and our upcoming broadcast at BarCodes ...
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