Degeneration Radio: Episodes

On this episode JP is live from WE Fest. He brings you the inside and literally dirty side of the festival from the campgrounds. Segment two could not be retrieved so Ricky jumps on and babbles about IPTV, lightning and some random tech for a few mins then rejoins JP. Thanks for listening and tell a friend.
I'll be honest i don't remember much about this show except me ranting about horrible local radio and something that Ricky brought up that made me hate life. Listen and piece the rest together.
Just a little late posting this sorry folks! JP starts off the show discussing his wonderful customer service experience with Swinezilla. A man gets an appetite while bleeding to death. Thunder Down Under joins the again and we have a criminal with a great sense of humor. We discuss hilarious moments ...
Ricky jumps on the air and plays a show he found after plugging up an old hard drive. This is the early days of Degeneration Radio before it was Degeneration Radio. JP is brought on as a fill-in cohost. Enjoy!
JP starts the show by sharing his up and down week and more exciting stories of fixing technology. Ricky then discusses his trip to the Florida Country Superfest this past weekend. Very music heavy episode on this weeks edition of Degeneration Radio
JP starts the show by complaining about his local radioshack and lots of bugs that have invaded his home during the summer months. The guys discuss alot of random topics including NASCAR and Florida Country Superfest next weekend which Ricky will be attending. A 6 year old is suspended for a cap gun ...
The guys discuss how spring is awesome and sucks at the same time. JP is looking forward to unemployment. Ricky attends a bachelor party in a van and where the hell is that airplane?! All this and not much more on this edition of Degeneration Radio.
The guys discuss the Super Bowl and the lack of excitement from not only the game but also from the commercials. Eric Church is then brought up for a little music talk. Also Vaginal Knitting! All on this weeks edition of Degeneration Radio!
As we make upgrades to the main studio in GA and the remote site in MN we play a show from August 6, 2012. We will be back next week! Follow the show on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rickyradio and http://www.twitter.com/degenerateradio. Call or text the show at: 803-993-8253
The guys discuss what it what would be like to bump into a celebrity or well known athlete in a bar and what you would do. N-Bombs on TV and some other topics are brought up after the Richard Sherman interview and the inevitability of an athlete going insane on live TV.
We're back in 2014! JP's exciting morning of sickness is discussed to begin the show. Ricky attends a Bad Company concert which leads to a few jokes about singers getting sick of being one hit wonders.UPS drivers are discussed as well as some other stuff that i forgot. Enjoy!
JP and Ricky discuss the shows health and how many fellow podcasters are still making shows. Gambling, geographical oddities, and fresh meat are discussed. The "DAR" restaurant is brought up too. Back next week!
The show is running low on gas again. Shit is tearing up left and right but the guys manage to get another show recorded without any fires or explosions. The guys discuss corporate political correctness affecting the show Duck Dynasty and entertainment in general. The fantastic yet destructive tweet ...
The guys are back discussing more tech issues with the show. JP finds a local radio show and the guys take a listen and discuss if they're an older podcast or not. Thanks for listening!
We are taking a week off due to JP being sick and the really old studio equipment failing. Ricky plays his favorite song and introduces over 100 mins of content from when JP and Ricky were live on a UK based station. Enjoy!
JP and Ricky are back as tech issues again plague the podcast. Ricky attends a Pop Evil concert with someone with smelly. JP's S4 craps the bed as Ricky's sound card finally taps. The fate of the "twisted" computer is revealed during this show as well. Black Friday talk is included as well as JP's adventure ...
JP gets his first 21st century vehicle and has problems figuring out how to work everything. Ricky is in love with the live Hinder song mentioned two shows ago. Tech issues derail the show and a few other tidbits on this very tired edition of Degeneration Radio
JP discusses his hatred for 4-way stops. The thrilling conclusion of the repairman story is brought about. And other stuff is brought up during this exciting action packed edition of Degeneration Radio.
JP and Ricky return to discuss concerts and a terrible outro song at a concert JP attended. Also celebrating the final taping of year 4 of the pairing of JP and Ricky on this weeks edition of Degneration Radio
The guys take a trip down memory lane and look at how far technology has come in the last 20 years. A fan runs onto the field during the 49ers/Vikings pre-season football game which causes the guys discuss ways to help make sports more watchable! Enjoy this weeks edition of Degeneration Radio!
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