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Episode: A Vehicle For Change In The Justice System With Howard Comen 
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Join us today as we interview: Detective Howard Comen A Vehicle For Change In The Justice System...   Detective Howard Comen has conducted rank and file divorce, missing person and criminal defense as well as high profile investigations of public corruption. In 1989, Comen began the investigation of the disappearance of missing bridge inspector Ralph Terry Griggs. In the mid '90s Comen got involved in the investigation of the death of Vince Foster, former White House Counsel and close friend of the Clintons. Comen recently has been involved in the investigation of the character F Scott Fitzgerald based the Great Gatsby on.   Comen Investigations have been featured by Gerlado Rivera, Bill O-Reilly, The New York Times. The London Sunday Mail, The Totonto Globe and Mail, The Washington Post, Newsday, the Pittsburg Tribune, The Miami Herald, The Buffalo News, CNN, MSNBC, and many other media.
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